Matthew Smith is the co-founder of Really Good Emails, and the founder of design firm Fathom & Draft.

Really Good Emails aggregates and analyzes thousands of email campaigns, to determine what makes an email great.

At Con Con -- the content conference produced by The Hustle -- Matthew explains h…

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Camille Ricketts is Head of Content @ First Round Capital

She came from a traditional journalist background, and eventually became the driving force behind First Round Review, a startup-focused blog that has helped drive the business forward.

At Con Con -- the content conference produced by The H…

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Sam Parr is the co-founder and CEO @ The Hustle.

When he started the company, he didn't have any experience in media or publishing or even writing professionally.

But he's managed to grow The Hustle's audience to over 500,000 active monthly readers in less than 3 years.

At Con Con -- the content…

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Neville Medhora is the founder of NevBlog, Kopywriting Kourse, and App Sumo

When Neville was first starting his career, he spent a lot of time and effort on content projects that didn't produce outstanding results.

He got press, but once a visitor came to his website, they didn't necessarily com…

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Alexis Grant is the Executive Editor @ The Penny Hoarder.

She was the 4th person to join the team, and helped scale the team to over 82 full time employees.

The Penny Hoarder started out as a personal blog, and grew to 16m monthly readers in just 4 years.

At Con Con -- the content conference pr…

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Michael Dolan is the Creative Director of Quartz.

Quartz is a media company with over 19 million monthly readers, and over 250,000 email subscribers.

Michael and his team use a specific strategy to drive readership and engagement: aiming for the intersection between what the brand wants to say a…

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Marshall Morris is the founder of HomeLifeMedia, the company behind and

The company has a massive following: 10M unique monthly visitors, 2M email subscribers, 20M followers on social, with 400+ pieces of content written per month.

Marshall helped drive the success …

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Forrest Bryant is the head of content for Evernote.

The company has tens of millions of users across the globe.

At Con Con -- the content conference produced by The Hustle --Forrest demonstrates how he acquires new users by creating content that is representative of the Evernote brand, provides v…

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Eric Bandholz is the co-founder of Beardbrand.

It's a brand dedicated to fostering confidence through grooming, which they do via products and world-class content.

One of the ways they've grown so quickly is by figuring out how to use YouTube in a way that drives their business forward.

At Con …

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Shabnam had the idea for philosophical-focused journalism in college. Then she found out that Rainn Wilson, the actor from The Office, was building a company that implemented her idea in a big way.

At 2X in November of 2017, Shabnam Mogharabi tells the story of how she mana…

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Sarah Wilkinson entered the design industry when ASOS was just taking off. And not just ASOS, but the entire online shopping industry.

Sarah was skeptical. But she took a risk, joined the company, and watched the fashion industry explode as online shopping took over the wor…

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Erika Jensen was not expecting to join a sex toy company. But when she did, she found that people's treatment of her and expectations of her changed dramatically.

At 2X in November of 2017, Erika tells the story of how her life and career changed due to these experiences.

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Nicole Parlapiano is the VP of integrated marketing at WeWork. But before she took this role, she was living in LA.

But her time in LA was challenging. Seven years of job hopping, apartment hopping, finding freelance roles to pay the bills, etc. Her saving grace was her com…

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June Pai heads up the international sales division of Manduka, a yoga apparel and accessories brand with some of the best products on the market.

But while she's well established now, June used to be a little bit lost.

At 2X in November of 2017, June tells the story of ho…

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Kerri Pollard was the Chief Revenue Officer at Honey for about 2 years. But before landing that role, she worked at CJ Affiliate... first as their account manager, and eventually as their president.

At 2X in November 2017, Kerri tells the story of the conversation that insp…

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Ariel Kaye was working in finance when she decided to make a massive change in her life. Her then manager gave her the inspiration to take that change to the next level.

Instead of joining a team, Ariel decided to start her own.

At 2X in November 2017, Ariel tells the stor…

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Jessica McKellar is the founder of Pilot, and the former Director of Engineering, Product, and Design at DropBox.

At 2X in October 2017, Jessica tells the story of her adventure as a female entrepreneur.

2X is hosted by The Hustle, a daily business email for forward thinke…

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Jennifer Chong was working full time when she and her partner launched Linjer -- a direct-to-consumer luxury goods company. By all measures of success, Linjer is killing it. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing...

At 2X in October 2017, Jenn tells the story of a time when …

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Surabhi Gupta worked her way up in her career, eventually landing on a role in Airbnb that afforded her opportunities to work on super cool products.

So when she decided to take a leave of absence to start a family, she wasn't sure what that would mean for her career.

At …

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Elizabeth Yin has had a hell of a career. She's a founder many times over, sold a company, advises and invests in startups, was a partner at 500 Startups, and recently launched her own VC fund for up and coming businesses.

At 2X in October 2017, Elizabeth told stories aroun…

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While she was in college, Rachel Sumekh started a project aimed at putting unused cafeteria credits to good use: feeding hungry people.

Now Rachel runs Swipe Out Hunger: a non-profit designed to end hunger among students.

At 2X in October 2017, Rachel told the story of th…

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Rachel Williams is the head of inclusion and diversity at Yelp!. As a child, Rachel had a teacher she strongly identified with. That teacher's harsh words impacted Rachel to an extreme extent.

Decades later, she ran into that same teacher.

At 2X in October 2017, Rachel te…

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Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion. Quest Nutrition is the fastest growing food company...ever. Known for their low carb protein bars, Quest took only 5 years to get $400m+ in annual revenue. Now, Tom is fulfilling the second part of his mi…

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Shan-Lyn Ma is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zola. Launched in October 2013, Zola is the fastest-growing online wedding registry in the country, with 10x revenue growth year-over-year, and 3x growth this year. Before starting Zola, Shan was the Chief Product Officer of Chloe + Isabel, and creator of Gi…

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