My First Million

My First Million

Every week we dive deep into different business opportunities and explain how to pounce on them.

Basically...we spoon-feed you interesting businesses you can start tomorrow. And hey, maybe it'll help you get your first million users, revenue, profit, employees (that'd be wild), or whatever it is you want a million of.

So, click below to follow. We guarantee* it'll be the best damn podcast you ever heard.

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Using Shame & Rage When Setting Goals, Octopus For Breakfast Story, and Flipping Disadvantages

Aug. 9, 2022

Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) and Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) talk about the best goal setting steps, a crazy Jeff Bezos story, and how to flip your disadvantages in business to advantages. ----- Links: * * Woot * Mediocre *…

One Question Friday: How Will You Teach Your Kids To Be Entrepreneurial?

Aug. 6, 2022

Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) answers one listener's question: I know that your kids are still pretty young, but I wanted to know how are you going teach them to be entrepreneurial? And when are you going to start? To submit your …

Four Ideas For AI, Twitter Empires, and Billion $ Thiel Fellowship Success Stories

Aug. 4, 2022

Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) and Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) talk about four ideas of what you can do with AI, Twitter empires, and some of the billion dollar companies that have come from the Thiel Fellowship. ----- Links: * Theo V…

Lessons From Billion $ Founders, The Nelk Boys, & More

Aug. 2, 2022

Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) and Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) discuss lessons from Shaan's ultra-exclusive event about what it takes to build a billion dollar company, the Nelk Boys, and doing memorable things. ----- Links: * Full Se…

Best of July

Aug. 1, 2022

Some of our best moments from July. Featured Episodes: Billion Dollar Business Philosophies With HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah Pieter Levels: Making $2.7M A Year With No Employees Viral Tweets as a Service, Toastmasters o…