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Great podcast

Love these guys! They inspired me to start my own business when they said “you don’t need to have a revolutionary idea to have a business. You just need to start.” On a similar note, they said “in life it’s a lot more about motion than direction.” Lots of great bits of information in this podcast…


Wow! So happy I came across this podcast. It’s amazing content and as a business owner myself with ungodly crazy high goals this podcast just gets me extra motivated. Love it guys. I’ve binged an unhealthy amount of episodes in the past week since I found you!

Binge-worthy business content

Confession: I have binge-listened to 100 episodes of this podcast. Can’t get enough. I think Sam and Shaan’s chemistry and style is fun — and thought-provoking. Highly recommend it for all entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Favorite New Business Podcast

My First Million from The Hustle is my favorite new business podcast. Subscribe if you’re into startups and internet entrepreneurship. Excellent guests, always entertaining, and lots of great advice for making your first $1,000,000.

Awesome podcast

Definitely one of the most informative and inspirational podcasts available.


Great content!

Most actionable startup content on earth

Nothing gets the juices flowing in my brain box like this podcast. Don’t let the wack infomercial name fool you! Been listening since it was just Shaan doing interviews, and it’s evolved into something really special. The hosts have a great dynamic, they both walk-the-walk and have crushed it in …


Tons of great nuggets in this pod, impressive!

So much value!

I have been listening since day one and always can’t wait for the next episode. If someone told me that two dudes were going to just riff on what they thought was cool and interesting I would’ve said no thanks on face value but Shaan and Sam have a great back and forth and very different styles and…

Idea Generator

Listening to this podcast is like taking steroids for generating business ideas.

My new favorite podcast

As a young hopeful entrepreneur this is everything I could have asked for

The best!!!

This is my go to podcast for anything with small business. I love listening almost if not everyday, listening to the new and old episodes. They are packed with information and ideas. I love the podcast, keep up the great work!!! I have a friend that turned me on to the podcast and I have been impr…

Love it.

Went away for a while but guys are back and better than ever.

My Second Favorite Podcast!

Great Podcast, great ideas, good info shared and cool guys!

It’s a great staple pod- pretty simple

I don’t think I’ve ever left a podcast review but felt compelled because of how good the show is and how much I look forward to episodes each week. Great blend of info, entertainment, and ideation. Strong range on interests from blue collar biz to the most deep tech.

Yes! More Mike Maples please

I have listened to every MFM podcast you all have published. It’s gets me fired up each day as run my business… but I listened the Mike Maples interview back to back. I had to re-listen and take notes. Great Episode !! Thanks guys keep up the great work !

Engagement by asking guests questions

My two cents: love this podcast overall. My favorite part is how both Sam and Shaan engage with their audience through Twitter. I’m a 22 year old trying to get into this startup space and explore opportunities and see what successful people would do if they were my age. I do wish I could ask their …

Amazing and valuable content.

This show offers amazing and insightful advice. Each episode provides inspiring ideas, motivation in their life and interesting stories. With a variety of topics and great hosts this show is a must listen!

I’ve recommended this podcast to multiple friends!

This is why: #1 The Billy & Hilly of the week. The simplicity of the vending machine business is shocking. #2 When you two play the game “guess what this company is valued at.” What a phenomenal way to get better at valuating companies! #3 The little gems Shaan drops about mindset and noticing …

Brain Juice and Idea Therapy for Future Founders

If you listen to this podcast, you’ll get tons of business ideas. Great. BUT... If you do it right - If you truly follow what Sam+Shaan talk about and who they surround themselves with on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself right there next to them immersed in the same circle of people & opportunit…

Great podcast. Give the people what we want- More Trung

It’s good stuff. Shaan and Sam do an awesome job. Recommend it to get the wheels going in ur head.

Amazing Show and Amazing Content

I just started listening to the show 5 days ago and I’ve been binge listening while at my day job. A minimum of 10 episodes per day. I can’t get enough of your content. Every time a I start listening you set my mind on fire with new ideas to consider when looking into businesses and opportunities…

Love this show!

I absolutely love this podcast! I listen all the time. It’s so interesting listening to these guys bounce business ideas off of each other.

Fantastic pod

Sam and Shaan are a great listen. Love their insight

My favorite new podcast

I listen to a ton of podcasts. I haven’t been this stoked about a podcast since I found Tim Ferriss. The content these guys are putting out is straight fire.

Awesome show but...

Please stop talking about the podcast, number of listens, etc. I’m beginning to get super irritated hearing about it and it’s making me want to stop listening

Great show!

Shaan and Sam, hosts of the My First Million podcast, highlight all aspects of business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Best pod on the internet

Sam and Shaan cover so many topics it’s insane! I feel genuinely more capable of seeing/creating opportunity after listening.

The best

I can’t even begin to list all of the good ideas and interesting rabbit hole this pod has introduced me to. These guys are great!

Stick to the Core

Great podcast, just do not want to see Sam and Shaan lose what made them great by having to answer to HubSpot; I do not even like the new photo and having the HubSpot Network logo.

Pure Energy For Business Ideas

Shawn & Sam do an amazing job with this podcast by providing great business ideas, life/business advice and just pure energy that will get you fired up in every episode. Each episode they discuss 3-4 business ideas, breakdown the numbers and give you a road map to your next million dollar business.…


Tech bros talking shop.

I found my people !!!

For years I have had tuns of ideas floating around my head but never had anyone to bounce them off. I thought I was alone until I found this podcast. I have listened to every one and can’t wait for the next one. I have gained great insight into my own business and feel like I can dive into new busi…

Energy and Ideas- love it!

Been listening nonstop since I found this. Guys are ballers with tons of ideas, energy and confidence that somehow rub off on me. They get into the nuts and bolts of making money, startups, investing.

An Entrepreneurs Wet Dream

MFM establishes the fundamentals for all things business, investing, etc. From starting a hot dog stand to chatting with billionaires, you’ll find it here. Absorb the content, reflect on it, and implement into your daily life. Thank me later. Ps: Sam, Shaan, I haven’t done much with my life thu…

Gets the juices flowing...

If you constantly have business or creative ideas that pop into your head that you don’t know what to do with, listen to these guys. Shaan and Sam have great things to say about new ideas and what to do with them.

Best Podcast Available

Shaan and Sam are a great duo. They share great ideas and actionable tips. It’s the only podcast I listen to every week. Keep doing what you do!

1 of 2 podcasts that I actually listen to all of it

my favorite podcast series, I listen to at least 1-2 a week and they constantly keep my creativity flowing. great work.

So inspiring

I truly needed direction in finding a career that suited me. Listening to this helped me find a path that was well suited and made me happy.

Great info and insights

Each episode offers great info on different topics, from small investments to managing large corporate deals. Lots of good knowledge, keep it up guys

So far so great

Stumbled across this podcast last week and it’s quickly become one of if not my favorites after listening to around 10 episodes. Going to listen to all 178+! Great topics and great conversation.

Love it!

Best podcast ever!

Perfect mix of entertainment and business advice

Was skeptical going in based on the title of this podcast, but ended up loving it! The hosts have a perfect contrast in both personality and business sense that makes for super interesting conversations that both entertain and educate. Highly recommend.

Subscribe, DO IT.

MFM is the only pod I listen to regularly. Both Sam and Shaan are insightful yet relatable. It is an inspiring mix of their experiences and ventures along with top tier guests. I feel like I’ve learned more from listening to this pod over the last few years than I did in business school. Keep it …


I LOVE the variety of businesses these guys talk about. It’s one of my favorite new podcasts!!!!

My favorite podcast ever

I’m not a big podcaster but I have about 3 that I listen to, this being one of them. So insightful and I learn a ton every episode. I love the how casual it is but also nothing inspires me more!

More inspiring than any other tech entrepreneur podcast I listen to!

After 177 episodes, Shaan and Sam have inspired me to start my own website! Well almost. I love these guys. I listen to them every chance I get and they’re great. I get a lot of ideas from them, and almost committed on a couple of occasions, but then get lazy. Not their fault!!! They keep the hits …

Smart and fun dudes

You know the saying “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, well adding Sam and Shaan to my podcast entourage makes me a better and smarter person. They brings interesting topics, talk about what s up in the cyber space (yes that s how I call the internet at my age) a…

Favorite Pod

I've been listening to the pod since early 2020... It's been awesome to see Shaan and Sam grow as much as they have over the last year. Kudos to them for putting so much effort into delivering massive value to us... Thanks so much guys - keep up the great work :)

Great Podcast!!

Always informative and funny.

Love this


My favorite business podcast

If you’re looking for something fun, interesting, and inspiring to listen to, My First Million is the podcast for you. Shaan and Sam both have great personalities and different strengths, so they’re able to volley ideas back and forth in playful, interesting way. Also, they demystify the process of…

Been here since day 1, best podcast ever!

As I scroll back through the “all episodes” tab to episode 1, and I scroll up and see “played” on every episode I can’t help but be hit with a wave of nostalgia. I feel like a proud parent watching a child succeed as these guys climb all the way towards the top spot on the Apple podcast chart. This…


I’m literally addicted to this pod. It’s so good. So much useful insight into various business, ideas, possible problems and thinking patterns if successful entrepreneurs. I listen to it almost daily. Furthermore, Sam and Shawn are just good and humorous people who don’t take themselves too serious…

Best Pod

MFM has been the best pod for a while now.

Add this podcast to your “Inner Circle”

There’s that tired quote of you’re the average of the 5 or so people you spend your time with, same goes with Podcasts. Adding Sam and Shaan to your inner circle is like adding pre-workout to your gym routine, they get you absolutely PUMPED. Listen to this if you’re looking for regular entrepreneu…

Great show

Tons of valuable content every show.

Awesome show!

This podcast is hands down! One of best shows! I love hearing new ideas and sometimes even hear the same episodes twice in a row. It’s a must listen!

Inspirational content

I look forward to Sean and Sam’s content each week. It keeps my creative juices flowing and motivates our team.

Tactical advice for all types of businesses

Sam and Shaan do a great job of laying out interesting new business ideas but also speak to the steps they would take to start each one. Another bonus, they always share best practices, tips and resources they’ve learned along the way. This is a must listen pod for an entrepreneur or anyone looking…


Started listening today and went through 4 episodes. Got the wheels turning in my brain!

Shaan & Sam are honorary members of New Story

Move over Walter White, there are new cooks in town! I’m hooked on MFM. 30% of our water-cooler nonsense at work can be traced back to this podcast. Shaan and Sam are either the largest contributors to our creative brainstorming OR the biggest detours from our productivity. Probably both. Shaan h…

Love the pod!

Love Shaan and Sam. They do a great job diving into different topics and subcategories of business/ideas. Only pod I listen to as soon as it drops.


The guests and content are inspirational even if not in the tech industry/world.

Your Local Tractor-Trailer Driver

Love this show. These two have the best energy, mindset, and always have great ideas. You’re great teachers as well- Always excited to hear new episodes.

Energetic and inspiring.

The topics to me are very different and new in contrast to my brick and mortar business reality, so I find the podcast very refreshing. And even though I don’t really follow much of the advice offered, it does affect my mindset when tackling problems at work. So, for example, our grocery wholesal…

Best Podcast For Business Owners

Best podcast out there for business owners and entrepreneurs. The Billy of the week is my favorite thing!

Awesome business podcast

The podcast is great for getting the business creative juices flowing. I have learned about many new businesses and ideas by listening. The show is also very entertaining. Definitely top of my regular listen list.

I'm a smarter businessperson and more informed investor thanks to this pod

If you have the choice to get and MBA or listen to this pod, I'm not saying the MBA is a waste of money but you seriously might learn more from MFM. It's full of incredible insight and hanging out with two successful founders/investors all the time!

Love this podcast

I listen to this podcast every week. Always informative and inspiring.

This pod makes me more creative in all aspects of my life

I listen to every single one of these episodes from start to finish and it’s opened my eyes to investigating the businesses and opportunities all around me. Super entertaining and has completely rewired my brain!

MFM = Top 5 Podcast Ever Made?

﷽ My friend Masroor Ahmed turned me on to the MFM pod last year. At first, i just listened occasionally—and i was certain that Sam was the Indian guy (bc his voice totally sounds like a nasally Desi), and I thought Shaan was the white dude. i started missing episodes, bc i mostly used to listen t…

Awesome Podcast

Great podcast that goes through business ideas and successful businesses. It breaks it down in an easy way and give you the stories to understand and remember the next time you’re in a conversation or evaluating your own business. Will be a long time listener.

Best Business Podcast. Period.

I’ve been listing for a couple of years now and can’t get enough of the MFM podcast. Real & raw - Shaan and Sam bring more value than any other business podcast I listen to. It’s the first thing I listen to the day each episode drops.


No other podcast generates as many business ideas. Each and every episode gets the entrepreneurial wheels turning in my brain. Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Index (MBTI) and if you’re an iNtuitive Thinker, you’re going to devour these episodes, too.

I hear their voices more than my Best Friends

I’ve been listening for over a year and wow what an interesting show to review! If their stated goal is to teach me how to run a business, I’m not sure its working. But if its to inspire and keep me motivated to take action, these guys crush it. Shaan on the one shoulder tempting me to YOLO on a mo…

Best Business Podcast

Every episode I gain something unique on how to operate, or think about my business differently in order to scale and grow. This podcast reminded me of the possibilities my business has and has kept me motivated in dreaming/making it big in the industry while keeping a perspective of why I’m doin…

Awesome Stuff

Entertaining, thought-provoking, raw

Perfect for adult ADHD’ers

Like the ESPN of random biz and tech stuff You won’t know who is talking for the first 6 months, so if you’re okay with that and wondering why you aren’t running the next “window sweeping tech enabled robot cat business”, you’re gonna love it



My all-time favorite

MFM is a can’t miss for me. Most startup and business podcasts are hosted by VCs and never-been-there or done that consultants. Not this one. Shaan and Sam are proven operators who are willing to share numbers, lessons, and failures from their actual experiences in the trenches. Also they’re a ton …

Top Notch Energy & Ahead of the Curve

If I’m going to listen to a podcast during a long training run on the trails, it has to have 2 things. 1. High energy. The host(s) need to be excited and able to jam with guests at a good pace—especially when they jam on business models. 2. Content that’s relevant for me, right now. Shaan and Sam …

Mind opening

Scrolling through looking for podcasts I found this gem! I have been subscribed to The Hustle newsletter since near the beginning and it’s the best email I receive all week out of thousands! This podcast is a real gem. My mind is so opened and the creative juices just start flowing. Made me get…

Love you f****rs

As a noob entrepreneur you guys are silly an awesome, I listen every week. Keep it up!

You need it in the rotation

Without a doubt the most engaging podcast in the finance realm. Shaan and Sam have great chemistry so the episodes just feel like you’re spitballing about business with a couple of good friends. 11/10

This has become my favorite business podcast

There’s a life hack people use to increase creativity. They write down 5 ideas every day, no matter how crazy. MFM podcast is like doing that with friends. It’s energizing, inspiring, motivating, and funny.

Inspirational and funny

I listen to every episode and feel sad when they are over, hah. Sam and Shaan spur so many ideas for me and inspire me to actually get my entrepreneurship on. Their guest speakers are great but these guys are full of ideas and entertain along the way.

Basically the audiobook for Trends

Filled with tons of lessons, insights, and frameworks that you can apply to whatever you’re working on!


I do small business acquisitions. If you are a investor or business owner, Please listen. Sam breaks down and quantifies businesses like no other in the industry. He simplifies and quantifies the complex!! Very crucial to consuming content in a logical manner.

This Podcast is SO good!

I wasn’t an avid Podcast listener until someone recommended I listen to My First Million. It is SUPER compelling. Highly recommended. If there were six stars available, I’d give this podcast six stars.

The absolute best business podcast out there

Even when they ramble, MFM is always at least entertaining and at best inspiring.

Golden insights

I subscribe to Hustle (if you haven’t yet - go do it now, you’ll thank me later) and found the podcast through following Sam and Shaan. While I’m not in the tech field, I still enjoy listening to their perspectives, investing opportunities, business ideas , and how to be a successful entrepreneur. …

Best Business Podcast

I have been a listener for a year now. As a young entrepreneurs aspiring to be great this is the best podcast for me. Ideas + Blueprint to execute them all week long. Love it ! I have also met my cofounders in the Trends group, this is the least I can do to give back...

This podcast is like a business mentor in your pocket

If you are one of those curiosity-driven entrepreneurs, this podcast will be very satisfying. It is so helpful to hear all of the nuance of how they think through deals and running a business. If you weren’t raised in an entrepreneurial or business environment and have no network to rely on, this p…

The Only Podcast I Listen To

No further explanation needed. It’s the best podcast out there. Sam and Shawn are great.

My absolutely favorite podcast

I love these guys, Sam and Shaan are super smart and ahead of the game in a lot of ways. I’ve been following for about 1.5 years now. Stoked to see all the improvements being made!

Perfect mix of entertainment and business

I've binge listened to nearly every episode for one main reason. Every podcast is starting to sound the same. Most of them are interview style podcasts mostly with infopreneurs (probably because they have big lists to promote the podcast to.) My First Million is refreshing due to the casual conve…

I kinda hate them

But I also love them... you know?

Great Podcast

I really enjoy listening to these guys, they are down to earth and have very interesting content. The show is great and easy to listen to.


I listen to every single episode as they really get the brain churning with new ideas, investment ideas...ect. Favorite podcast to listen to while working.