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Don’t sleep on ‘em

Love how these two super sharp, witty, and very successful guys take a humble approach to every episode. Great sense of humor and they explore interesting ideas that challenge paradigems (sp intentional). Give ‘em a listen or two, you’ll be hook’d!

Great Podcast

Great Podcast

Woman listener 👋🏽

I LOVE this podcast!!! I’ve learned so much and I laugh so much with Sam and Shaan!

Amazing Motivation

5th female listener here! This podcast is amazing motivation! It helps to remind me that I can accomplish anything if I work hard enough! I’m 16 years old and working on my pilots license and this podcast helps keep me hyped!

Need better production values

Ok, but needs a script.

Where the ladies at?

They've definitely grown on me. Some pods hit harder than others. They’re very comfortable with each other and have fun, which makes it enjoyable and something you can also learn from. But my goodness bring some WOMEN on!

I never skip it

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mostly I listen to episodes that catch my eye because of the topic or guest. But this one I listen to every single episode. High entertainment value for a business podcast. Their interpersonal dynamic is outstanding.


These guys are perfect together. The show is rad. You get tired of Sam, Shaan chimes in. The power of 2, and they go deep down the rabbit hole on building businesses and revenue. Killer guests that reveal more than they should under Sam and Shaan’s careful prodding.

Great Business Podcast With Awesome Guests

Great podcast to learn from some of the smartest people in business. Sam and Shaan make it fun and entertaining.

No small boy stuff

This show has become my favorite podcast in the queue. Yeah there’s solid info on tech news, blue-collar hustles, and new business ideas… but mostly I’m here for the lols.

I relate hard

Best business ish podcast I’ve listened to in a while! It feels like you are listening to two morning show hosts but who know business and understand hustle. I almost always get a few nuggets.

Entertaining banter

This is the only podcast I can listen to on a regular basis and not get annoyed by the hosts!

So dreamy

I used to think Sam’s voice was so dreamy until I realized it was actually Shaan’s voice.

Fantastic! LOVE it

Super relatable, very informative, lots of variety of topics and ideas. Super cool down to earth guys. Love the friendly difference in opinions between these 2 guys, more of that should be handled this way today. So many ideas I’d never think would work are discussed. Keep it up! Live in Tennessee now, wish I could have tried some dogs from Sam’s hot dog stand lol wonder how they would compare against Daddy’s Dogs!

My favorite podcast

This podcast is hands down my favorite podcast of all time.

Great Podcast With Actionable Advice

Shaan and Sam crush this podcast with great feedback and advice. Must listen if you want to take action and make things happen as an entrepreneur.


Love this podcast! These guys share strategic & inspiring stories & info to grow your business 🏆🏆 Just listening makes you believe more in your mission & business! THANK YOU 🤝🤝🤝

Fun podcast. Weird pivot lately

It’s a good podcast. But these guys have created businesses and are in the middle of the sort of entrepreneurial life path. So it’s interesting to hear their thoughts on business related things. It is turning into a little bit of a MrBeast fan account though. They literally mention him every podcast.

Amazing Business Story Podcast

So much fun to listen to the insightful stories and knowledge shared here.

5-star podcast

I have 2 podcasts in my library and this is one of them !! This podcast has it all! Highly recommend it ! They both are funny, good story tellers and they bring info to the table ! What else can I ask for ?!

If I could work with them, I would!

Growing up, I was taught several side hustles, many of which I carry with me today. This podcast has become a staple in my commute to college everyday. It is so relatable with my experiences. I wish they offered some form of internship or experience to work or collaborate with them on one of their ideas, or even just working behind the scenes. I think it would make for a great episode/series and inspire many people. I’d be the first to throw my resume in the ring!

Your interesting successful business friends that you don’t have but you wish you did

If you have any entrepreneurial tendencies at all or wish you were someone who did, MFM should be a staple of your content diet. I can’t believe you’re still reading this and not listening to the pod. Btw Sam, your intuition is definitely correct with the Gentleman’s agreement. It works lol. I’ve been listening for a year and a half on YouTube and decided to leave this Apple review today solely due to the gentleman’s agreement even though you’ve asked for it multiple times prior to today.

Love Sam and Shaan

MFM is my obsession. This is one of the only podcasts I never get tired of hearing. They’re hilarious and always have tons of ideas. If you don’t like new ways of thinking and new ideas, don’t listen to this podcast.

Love this podcast

I’ve been a listener since I started following the hustle back in 2020 … it’s been awesome to see this show grow and have the opportunity to learn and listen to awesome information . As a minority, woman -owned founder having access to these conversations is solid gold and is the perfect blend of entertaining and educational!

I love these guys.

Most podcast are terrible, they may have decent content but the energy just melts off quick and I feel like I am sitting in a 7th grade classroom with a boring teacher. Sam and Shaan have a great synergy and chemistry like a great band. They are always brutally honest about their thoughts and questions, comments. I wish more young people would listen to them because the common thread is “hard work” … Sam and Shaan and ALL of their guest work hard, they focus and they understand that even the greatest of ideas take time, years of dedication to their passion. No matter what the first year of anything is “no not interested” and they all continue and get over the hill and become a success. I really look forward to the podcast as it brings so much wonderful knowledge and information for free - downloaded in my brain and I am better person because of their work. Thanks guys I really appreciate all you do. I am working hard on my dreams and hope one day I can be a guest. Peace and Happiness guys, Mike in Pacific Palisades

A few good ideas

Yep, there are good ideas, but too many distracting head scratchers. Like, can you like reduce like the number of likes you like use in a sentence.

Eye opening !

The guests they bring on are people I have never heard of and I learn something new every time! It inspires me to raise my standards when they discuss their network. Proximity is power as they say and I feel like I get an inside scoop of tech culture. As someone who grew up in a no name town, but wants something greater I recommend you listen to this podcast. Open up your mind to what’s possible!

A few good ideas

Yep, there are good ideas, but too many distracting head scratchers.

Hits the SPOT

This morning I woke up wanting to work on new years goals and create a progress dashboard for my PhD and for my personal goals. The podcast today couldn’t have hit the spot better! A long time ago I came up with 5 F’s: friends/family, food, fitness, fun, and finances. It couldn’t be more synchronous with the content today. I like the idea of adding self respect in there and giving a quick number value to it. Considered adding how much I hate myself but the respect is more positive. Same with lighting someone up. So many good ideas to work with, can’t wait for more.

Our favorite podcast.

Just really good work