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Great Podcast!

Lots of value in these podcasts. Only review I’ve ever left for a podcast and these two deserve it!

Huberman & $1000

My favorite Youtube channel is Huberman Labs🧪 and my favorite currency is the US Dollar💵. You offered both on one of your shows. So I love you🤷🏾‍♂️

Great insights

This podcast was just put on my radar yesterday and I’ve already binge listened to 5 - 6 episodes. Love the format and the hosts.

Don’t be an idiot.

As a life long entrepreneur who’s unemployable I find it a challenge to find solid content to listen too and learn the right things from. These guys resonate with me on so many levels AND what hits home with me is the eclectic content they bring to their audience. Wether you’re just starting or a seasoned entrepreneur this podcast is for you. Don’t be an idiot and listen to this podcast.

Great, fun, inspiring, informative....and on and on

Awesome podcast. Gets me onto my exercise bike every day - although I sometimes cheat and listen in the car. Every episode is great. Really. Yes, the Andrew Wilkinson pods are exceptional. Keep him coming back! Love the combination of interesting topics, your honest, direct takes on everything, the color, the humor, it's all great. My favorite podcast, and I have several that I love. Thanks!


In the process of listening to every single podcast. Not sure what I mgoing to do when I catch completely up. Best podcast I’ve ever listened to.

Love this Podcast

I listen to this podcast on the way to and from work. The hosts make me laugh out loud! Great information.


I can’t wait till every new episode THEYRE so entertaining

Awesome content

Great just great .

Funny and interesting

This podcast is relevant, interesting, and every episode has been worth listening to so far. I also love that the guys seem to be incorporating some more lightheartedness and jokes. I often laugh out load!

Love My First Million!

What a great idea for a podcast, it both inspires and can bring things down to earth, well executed, huge fan!


Enjoyed podcast

What’s possible— worth hearing!

In this modern economy, best to at least know how to start our own biz. Can’t say I agree with everything on this podcast. But I’m learning valuable biz concepts here—fast! Jordan Harbinger podcast sent me. 😎

One of my favorite pods

Really love the show. Has a great vibe and you feel like you are a fly on the wall listening to some interesting conversations whether it’s them giving actionable advice, business tips, or just laughing hysterically while they make fun of each other or shoot the sh*t. Has both tactical and practical advice along with them being hilarious…. Best of both worlds. Def in my top 3 pods to listen to consistently and I genuinely look forward to listening to the next show. Highly recommended.

Feels like I’m sitting around chatting with buddies

I stumbled across this podcast recently and have been bingeing ever since! It’s been expanding my thinking and I’ve found many new topics and trends to follow. Thanks Sam & Shaan!

Awesome stuff!

Thank you Sam and Shaan for all of your insights! We salute you

The Yi and Yang Balance

Shaan and Sam give great perspectives. One is introvert and one is extrovert. Enjoy how they give one line summaries and don’t hold back on true feedback. They keep it simple on so many layers. Love how they look up websites which I can look up and understand as they talk. Todd K

My favorite podcast

This podcast is amazing. Listening to it makes you feel like you’re grabbing drinks and chatting business with buddies - except your buddies in this case are some of the most successful biz and tech people in the world. Keep up the great work!

Great Ideas, Filters, and Banter

Sam and Shaan have a great rapport and they discuss different business ideas and dissect interesting businesses they hear or learn about. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys business and startups

Solid content

Great show for founders and anyone interested in startups

My favorite podcast

This podcast is amazing. Listening to it makes you feel like you’re grabbing drinks and chatting business with buddies - except your buddies in this case are some of the most successful biz and tech people in the world.

Best podcast ever

I subscribe to lots of podcasts. This one gives the most useable pieces of helpful information.

A Must Listen!

From Business to Personal Life - this podcast will get you fired up! It’s a great mix between pushing and learning, and feeling like you’re just chatting with friends!

A must for entrepreneurs!

I love this podcast! What an amazing opportunity to be a fly on the wall to learn, get ideas, and be inspired.

Love the idea this podcast.

We all want to make that first million. This is giving us practical tips. Love it.

Welcome to the corner of cool and value street

Shaan is a brilliant host who brings on amazing guests to have cool conversations that are adding a ton of value. I couldn't be happier that this show was recommended to me. Keep it up!

Mfm resulted in some interesting results.. glad I found you though

Mfm resulted in some interesting search results on here.. glad I found your podcast though

Good dudes, great content

Sometimes I feel like I’m learning and sometimes I feel like I’m hanging out with the guys. The friends you need!

The conversations we want to hear.

It’s refreshing to hear the angel investor, tech start up, business conversations that can sometimes seem elusive. It’s especially nice to be a fly on the wall with very smart but easy going and relatable dudes. I love this pod.

Re: Sam Decides What To Do

What happened to Southern Sam’s Salacious Sauce that Soothes the Soul??

I try not to miss an episode

Love this podcast. Sam and Shaan are smart, funny, successful, down-to-earth guys that interview amazing, innovative guests one day and talk about their own lives the next. The pod is enlightening, educational and entertaining rolled into one.

Don’t break up the episodes

Please don’t break up the episodes. I’m not going to be tricked into thinking you’re producing more content by having 19 episodes show up in my downloads. It’s just clogging it up and making it harder to see my other shows. Joe Rogan has 3 hour episodes… Love the show. Shaun hasn’t had a Harry Potter reference in a while though I’m a little worried about him.


Learned so much. Mind blown

This show is great but needs rebranding

This show isn’t about anyone’s first million. It’s about ideas, entrepreneurship, and talking to builders. If you need a sign to rip off the band aid and rebrand, maybe this is it. Not sure what the branding needs to be, but as said before the name needs improving, and as one guest said, “it’s gonna hurt more later so might as well do it now.”

Best Business Podcast Out!

I listen to a lot of podcasts on business, startups, entrepreneurship etc. In my opinion, this is the best one. The hosts are great

Thought provoking business talk

Shaan and Sam sound like they're just sitting around BSing. But they bring ideas to the table. Listen to this podcast if you want to be inspired by great business stories and energized to start writing the story of your first million.

it’s literally my favorite podcast

Listening to Sam and Shaan talk about potential ways to make money is like cocaine for entrepreneurs. I love it.

Word of advice

Love this podcast but one thing that annoys me to no end. Shaan is great speaker and I’m sure a fun and lovely person but he sure loves to hear the sound of his own voice. It would be great if he can stop interrupting Sam so much and making everything about himself instead of being more humble, listening, and asking more questions of other people, especially guests.

But do you REALLY read every review?!🤣

Real title: “Not just for bros!!” Suuuure, you’ll hear a bunch of “dudes” & “bros”, but in an endearing way. If your brain is wired towards big ideas and learning new things, then you have to listen. I mean, you HAVE TO. Listening to Sam & Shaan is like listening to the two little brothers —albeit successful, smart, witty brothers— I never had. (No real little brothers were emotionally harmed in the making of this review.) I run a $50M/year biz - for someone else. I’ve been biz planning for years, but it was THIS podcast that inspired me to file for my LLC a few months ago! It. Has. Begun. Can I invite myself to be a guest on MFM after I make my first $1M? Or do I have to wait for the next NFT auction? Oh… reader… you don’t know what I’m talking about? Then, catch up on ALL past episodes! You won’t regret it. And if you do, revisit the part above about your brain needing to be wired a certain way. It’s never too late to solve the world’s problems— one entrepreneur at a time. (& it’s okay to make money doing it.) Don’t forget the MFM YouTube channel. Peanut Butter take down… I’m here for it. You? Hint: just subscribe already😉!

Favorite new business podcast!!!

A really refreshing business podcast that expertly balances business with entertainment. Some other business podcasts feel like youre in the classroom or people are telling you what to do where this content sparks ideas and provides interesting insights that you can take and run with. Sam and Shaan have really great chemistry and are funny. It feels like you're just hanging with your really successful friends. Highly recommend starting with the very first episodes for some awesome guest episodes and then going into the more recent episodes with just Sam and Shaan talking about stuff happening now.

Cool pod

Great pod, I like how you guys talk about all business trends and cool business models I was not familiar with. Sharing opinions/reacting to hot biz news is cool to see. And your experiences from owning businesses is a plus.

Great way to stay motivated

My kinda thinking and great variety of guests that allow listeners to connect more dots across industries.

This podcast has changed my life

Sam and Shaan are amazing. I listen to this podcast religiously, still waiting on Sam to answer my email to grab dinner in Los Angeles! Sam- answer me man :) Shaan I would love to grab dinner with you too. When are you guys in town?!

Listen to every episode 🙌

If you like getting spoon fed business ideas or just want to level up in life, this is the pod for you.

I love this show!

I love this show, I listen to it all day while I’m at work, I’ve listened to all of the episodes, and many of the episodes more than once!

They know a lot AND very little

It’s routinely entertaining how much they know about business. They have a good, genuine understanding of many basic premises that apply across business sectors. Their insights and research would make for a good business class intro. However, their knowledge of the existence of certain businesses is often lacking. I’m routinely yelling corrections into my phone, desperately wishing to update them on how to pronounce business names or give them more background on what a company does. All in all…always a good listen.

Best thing to happen to me

Shaan and Sam are by far some of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. From business/startup breakdowns, to episodes talking about the different mentalities and habits. The reason I say it’s the best thing that’s happened to me is because I’ve been struggling a lot with the things I want and what others expect/want from me. I’ve never felt like I fit in spaces in a traditional way, as a result I did spend a lot of time conflicted and going through some of the worst times. It wasn’t until I found MFM that I started to hear about habits and certain behaviors that I thought were exclusive to me, and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone anymore. This podcast has given me the courage to go about my life leading by my beliefs and things that I believe will be best for my personal growth. I never would’ve imagined myself listening to something so religiously, but MFM is a daily part of my life. Shaan and Sam are genuinely people that I look up to and role models in every way. No amount of words could ever express my gratitude for this podcast even existing. Shaan and Sam, thank you, truly. I’ve felt different about my life and the things i want to do thanks to you guys. I hope one day I can get to the point where you guys may interview me or mention my name in passing. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing because this podcasts literally breathes life into people that may be at some low points not knowing what they want, not knowing what they’re doing. Thank you.

Great food for thought

Shaan and Sam always bring interesting ideas for business and life. I don’t always agree with them, but they help me flesh out my thinking one way or another. Their ambition and enthusiasm are infectious and they also have some great guests on. My favorite episode was about private businesses that can 100x. Thanks guys!

I can’t stop listening

Sam ‘stories as long as a babies arm’ Paar and Shaan ‘the framework I like to use’ Puri put out quality ranging from funny and informative to “holy s&$t I need to pull over and write this down right now.” If you are not listening to this podcast then you are missing out and I feel bad for you.

My Form of Meditation (MFM)

Listening to this podcast is seriously special for me. I am 23 and always thought my hyper active entrepreneurial brain was a little different. This podcast makes me feel sane. So many people ask me how do you think of ideas for businesses, I can not do that. Well this Podcast will make anyone think entrepreneurial. They usually give 5-10 ideas per episode, and I am able to spin a couple ideas off of each one they give. I absolutely love commuting and listening to MFM. Growing up my dad would always spit ball ideas as they came to him. I recently introduced him to MFM and he talks about it non stop now. Thank you guys for what you do. I aspire to be a guest on your show one day, after I make my first million.

Well focused. Useful and relevant info.

These guys being useful and relevant information, ideas and encouragement centered around entrepreneurship and income generating ideas. A general purpose podcast that is general enough to help the masses and specific enough to come away with nuggets to take with you each podcast. Each episode I’ve listened to has been well worth my time without overdoing commercials.

The only podcast I can listen to in the gym

MFM has been my favorite podcast for the last year and a half and I recently discovered that it’s the only podcast I can listen to in the gym because Shaan and Sam’s ideas and banter hype me up more than my typical dubstep mixes. Hoping the boys finally pull the trigger and buy MJs house!

This podcast is one of the few things getting me through the startup slog

Started listening to you guys after leaving SF to move back home. I quit my tech job a year ago and have been building out my startup idea ever since. Listening to you guys 1-2 times a week has been one of the very few things that bring some happiness into the everyday coding grind. You guys are awesome, never change! Also whenever Shaan does ‘beeps’ like the all-in guys it’s super cringey so hopefully do that less.

Shaan, please check my Twitter DM (username is HerrJacks)

Love the pod, been listening for a few months. You guys always keep it real!

Perfect podcast except for the title (change it already) mega bro theme song

Shaan and Sam - love you both! I’ve listened to every episode except the Thomas Edison ones (I’ll probably listen to them on the drive home for Christmas or just delete them. TBD.). Sam, I went to Belmont, too, and Shaan, I don’t know a lot about white people culture, either. That’s not why I like MFM, though. (Speaking of MFM – you know it’s time to change the name. It’s pretty unrelated to anything in the current episode format. But a lot of people still listen because your show is that good – even with a title that has the perfect name…for another podcast.) I love listening to you brainstorm about and discuss businesses. You have a gift of doing great research, being totally normal, and your personalities are a perfect match for each other. I appreciate how you don’t hold back, press into guests to get actual answers out of them, and recognize patterns in business models in order to come up with new ideas that make a lot of sense. Thank you for loving to learn and never taking yourselves too seriously. And even though MFM’s bro-town theme song may give the impression that you’re a couple of 6th-year seniors whose lives revolve around Kappa Epsilon Gamma (KEG), that’s anything but the truth. The good news: you have other options that are a better match for your show. You could use some parts of Jungle’s “Talk About It” and your theme would be way more on-Parr. Can’t promise you what the licensing fee would be, but still. It’d be worth it. Can’t wait to hear what’s up next for what will be formerly known as My First Million.

Feels like you're with them

This is hands-down my favorite podcast about entrepreneurship. Something about the way Sam and Shaan have these conversations makes it feel like you're sitting down with them. If you need a place to get ideas or understand how companies make lots of money, this is the show for you.

Get 🔥ed up, learn how👇

Do you want to take a break out of back-to-back Zoom meetings and get inspired?! ⚡️ Sam and Shaan are like hanging out with your friend who’s always hustling, building something out of nothing. Yea, that friend is kinda crazy, but she just sold her company for $XXXM 💰 If you get energized by that friend, if you think that you can do it too, then listen to the MFM pod - Sam and Shaan are like your friend, except they break down the ideas and steps to realize them, alongside world class entrepreneurs, investors, and creators whom they interview.


This is one of the very few podcasts my husband and I both enjoy. A staple for our road trips. I appreciate that there are different stories each episode and it just feels like I’m hanging out with Sam & Shaun. I always take some little piece of new information away.

Been Listening for a While

If you’re into business and making money then chances are you’ll like this podcast.

Interesting conversations, sometimes too tech-bro

Fun conversations hearing the ideas bounced back and forth. I learn a lot and it’s pretty encouraging but sometimes it feels a little to tech-bro. I don’t know a better way to describe it.

Review of Mfm

My favorite podcast 2021. Funny and shares random interesting thoughts. Changes my way of thinking and learn something new everyday!

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Choose wisely. I choose Shaan and Sam as two of mine. The podcast is educational, informative, and with two episodes a week. I’m logging some hours with them. Here’s what you can learn: -All things about being a good communicator in both business and life from both of them. -Perspective on human behavior. Sam is a student of this. -How to be a fitness influencer (joke). -Building a “business tool belt”. -How to think originally from Shaan. -They are good humans, with morals, giving fair takes. Favorite moments recently - Sam had an incredibly genuine laugh in the Sticky Icky episode. Shawn’s tour de force running laps around the DSO guy. They are a great pair because they are both successful, confident people but still show a strong desire to improve. They are still hustlers. They love the game. I hope every million they make is as fun as the first million they made. Keep the guests coming. No opinion formed on the “recent events/news” section you are trying to do - choose topics carefully would be my advice. No politics. What they did with Ben is awesome. So happy for him. Love his podcast too - great find Sam. I want more Ben.

Come for the Fitness Influencer, Stay for the Content

Not sure that title makes complete sense. One minute I’m on Instagram watching Sam Parr row in his home gym like a maniac - #influenced - and the next minute I’m listening Shaun talk about how he tried to start a fast casual sushi restaurant while he was in undergrad, all the while thinking “how did I end up here?” Whatever social media formula pulled me in, I’m glad it did. Cheers!

Generally speaking they’re…

Generally speaking they’re idiots but then so I am.

I was already a beast, but this podcast unleashed a new level! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Love love love this podcast! I applied something I learned from the very first episode I listened to and it literally saved me $2,000 the next day. Applied something else I learned a few days later and it landed me a game changing meeting for our startup - and we closed the deal! Ive been hooked since. The more I learn and apply, the more great things just keep happening. Growing like crazy as a result! Lol I’m at a point now where if I don’t listen, I feel the FOMO because it means I'm slowing down my own rapid evolution. This is the best, keep the gems coming!

Is this thing on?

Backstory… I met Sam at a live taping of MFM in Miami. I was compelled to swing by for the same reason that everyone else was. Great podcast. Compelling hosts. And great community of entrepreneurially minded folks. I spoke to Sam for a minute. Nice guy, was met with a smile, and we spoke about podcasts and cars (shared interests). He was clearly focused on podcast growth. I thought, ‘maybe I can help here, given that I help run a podcast agency and run two podcast festivals.’ Needless to say, I got Sam to participate in one of those conferences in a conversation with Jordan Harbinger. The topic of that conversation… growth. Love the focus! On a recent episode, I listened to Sam and Shaan brainstorm in real time about how to spend their marketing budget for MFM. Solutions they came up with were getting people to remix content for them and effectively make memes… the winner each month gets money. And, the other was to have listeners leave reviews and they pick a winner each month to give $1,000. That’s what the MFM community is all about. Ideas, execution, test and learn and don’t be afraid to take alternative approaches. And, so here I am, writing a review… less for the money and more for the love of the game. You need to listen to this podcast because like all the great podcasts, this is a community, not just two people speaking into a mic. And, this community is all about optimism, self improvement and making money. Can’t go wrong there!

What do we do when I know everything

Hey, guys. So every time I listen to an episode I learn a few new things and it’s great. I’m starting to worry though. What happens if I keep listening and eventually I just know all the things? I guess I’ll keep listening so I eventually know what to do about that. Thanks.



Not just business but all sorts of great content for improving your life

Great podcast for business ideas but also lots of other little nuggets depending on the guest or the week. Great dynamic between Sam and Shaan that keeps the podcast interesting each week! Has become one of my go-tos!

These guys get it (for the most part)

Stock market Sam and Brown Santa Clause babble about the endless opportunities to make money in this new tech age. Add in the occasional blue collar side hustle, some tech gossip, and fitness influencer how-to’s and you’ve stumbled upon your new favorite podcast. In reality these are some genuinely awesome and creatively brilliant guys that I feel lucky to be a fly on the wall for their conversations. They are hustlers who inspire you to get off your butt and make some cash. I hope to show my appreciation one day in person. Once MFM entered my podcast rota a little over a year ago I haven’t missed an episode. Love these dudes. Sam and Shaan - keep up the hustle guys I can’t get enough content.

Engaging and thought provoking

A fantastic podcast that balances practicality and inspirational content. I appreciate the guests that bring a different flavor to the conversations with Shaan and Sam. I’m a fairly new subscriber and can say with confidence that MFM will stay in my podcast rotation.

Great entrepreneur duo

Shaan and Sam are the perfect hosts. They each bring innovative ideas to the table and are entertaining to listen to. Episodes go quickly because they get to the point right off the bat, and there’s no fluff. Every episode is pure gold!

Ferriss + Rogan + Entrepreneurship = MFM 🔥🔥🔥

Over the years, I’ve listened to hundreds of different pods. And lemme tell ya - these guys have created some really, really special. They’re always sharing fascinating stories, actionable hacks & frameworks, and so many biz ideas that everyone’s lost count (someone should compile them all & sell them as an ebook). If you’re into building businesses, learning & surrounding yourself with high-energy folks, subscribe to the pod - it’s a no brainer!

I do what Sam tells me :)

Sam told us to rate this podcast, so here I am. One sentence…. I listen to dozens of business related podcast, but only ONE religiously - THIS ONE. It’s a fun, fast, value-packed, idea-generating, inspirational hour of time well spent every time. I always leave smarter than when I pushed play. Sam, you’re awesome. Shaan, you’re awesome-er.

MFM has made me over 15k in MRR

I started listening last year, at a time when I was feeling uninspired by my post-college graduation job prospects. I knew I didn’t want to do the 9-5 thing forever, but prior to listening, Elon Musk was my picture of an entrepreneur. I think especially for us engineers, this can be discouraging. It seems like you have to be incredibly intelligent or driven by some exogenous factor to start your own thing. Sam (and Shaan but mostly Sam) showed me that wasn’t true haha. Frankly, I laugh all the time at the dumb stuff they say while listening. Sam and Shaan’s humility and honesty has gone so far in giving me confidence that I can forge my own path outside the 9-5. They are just dudes like me. I know it sounds silly, but knowing that Sam comes from STL like me has also been cool. Since I started listening, two friends and I have built a B2B/Amazon business that is up to 15k MRR in the 3rd month and trending up! The idea for the business came straight from Shaan. I am extremely grateful for what these guys have added to my life and recommend it to everyone I know. Sam, Shaan if you read this just know you guys are changing lives!

Don’t make the same mistake I did - watch one of their YouTube videos first!

I stumbled across this podcast thinking I’d give it a shot, fully expecting it to be just bros just chatting about how to make some extra money here and there. 10 minutes into the first episode I listened to, I couldn’t turn it off. I became a dedicated listener from then on. However… I didn’t watch one of their YouTube videos until I’d been listening for months already. Keep in mind, every time I pull up the podcast I see Sam and Shaan’s face on the title screen. And then I of course picture those two guys talking while I listen. From the first word Sam spoke in the YouTube video, my world was changed forever. I had been picturing Sam’s face speaking in Shaan’s voice the whole time! This might not seem like a big deal but let me tell you, it was a “Twilight Zone” moment and my world was upside down for awhile. I am happy to report that I have since fully recovered from that mishap and can now get through a whole podcast correctly assigning their voices to the correct individual.

Great Source of Knowledge.

Started listening to the podcast when it first came out. I receive the Hustle email every morning so that’s how I learned about it. I’ve learned a lot from the show and have received a vast variety of info. Enjoy listening to the different guest interviews and try to soak in everything I can to be a better person overall every day!

Motivating me, improving my life, very funny

Literally binge listening this podcast. Variety of guests spans how to feel better by getting sun first thing in the morning to explaining NFTs/crypto so normal person can understand, to getting me into stretching every day. Commentary is easy to follow converastionally, really lets me get to know Sam and Shaan. Motivated me to start taking free courses on HubSpot directly helping me grow two businesses that my wife and I run. I spent 20 years on submarines in the Navy and did not know very much about overall business. Listening to this podcast has given me a good beginning of business acumen. Winner winner chicken dinner. Love this pod.

Loving these episodes!

I absolutely love this podcast. My favorite episode is the Rob Dyrdek episode but all of them are amazing! My boyfriend and I listen to it in the mornings before work and it gets us pumped for the day. We are reminded daily of our goals and what we can do to constantly level up our lives and our businesses. I find myself sharing these episodes with fellow health coaches and Facebook friends and sometimes I even go back and relisten to episodes that I’ve already listened to! Recently Sam said of how his biggest fear was being his age or older and not being able to walk around or sit on the floor because his body is riddled with pain and his “house” is falling apart and that investing in your health is the BEST investment and I just wanted to cry happy tears. Yes!! Love love love listening. Keep up the great work guys!

Currently my favorite podcast

Currently IMO the show has too many Hubspot reads, we get it The show is a part of the Hubspot network, Is there a way I can pay a monthly fee to not hear them? With that being said, Shaan and Sam have a great chemistry. And it is still currently my favorite podcast.

Awesome Info

Great tips to get the most out of your morning

Genuine listening content

I have bee listening to MFM since I got out of prison in May 2019 and this show hasn’t failed me yet! Every episode is intelligent, well crafted, and oddly funny. For a disenfranchised demographic and a low key street oriented dude I find these guys official in business and personality keep up the good work! First written review stars all day on apple and google

Learning to be greater!

Pretty amazing how much you can learn about real life help, not wishing but actionable things to do! These guys always deliver,t hey love business archeology. They do the research, bnreakdownt the history, and do a great job explaining it to someone simple like me. Sam and Shaan both love the research but they have different persepctives, great balance, and make it fun! Great breakdown and analysis, then explaining how anybody could do it. Thanks guys for sharing the “ behind the curtains “ view. Keep rolling!

Great dudes

Just 2 business boys riffing. Great chemistry and novel ideas. Shaan and Sam are a solid duo

Keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive

This show is great and it has reinvigorated an entrepreneurial spirit in me that was pushed to the back of mind over many years of working a desk job for a large company.

Inspiration meets practicality

This podcast hits the perfect balance of providing inspirational content as well as thoughtful and practical business ideas to allow listeners to pursue them. This is by far my favorite podcast. Hoping that continuing to listen will help me get the courage to quit my corporate law job and jump into the exciting life that is entrepreneurship!

Best podcast for an ambitious young person

This is probably the only podcast that really shows you how you can reach your goals in a start up. They have the smartest most interesting guests, are hilarious, but most of all just helpful to generate great and exciting ideas to get rich slow and hard. Great show

Invigorating, amazing, and other superlatives!

I don’t do public math! I love listening to shaan and sam. They bring interesting POVs to starting, building, and exiting a business!

Best business podcast

My favorite one. These guys make entrepreneurship so approachable and fun. Just wish they cussed a little less 🤷‍♂️ maybe someone can create an app that filters swearing out of podcasts 😎

The only podcast I listen to every episode of

I listen to a fair number of podcasts but MFM is the only one I listen to every episode of because each one is chock full of ideas and interesting conversations between Sam, Shaan, and their guests. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you will be inspired by Sam and Shaan to improve your life and search for business ideas in everyday life.

this show is crack for entrepreneurs

this is the ultimate show for entrepreneurs

You will love this

I’ve recently discovered this podcast and not am I truly hooked. Not only is there a variety of topics, diverse range of guests and stories but the wealth of knowledge and information, tips and tricks I’ve learned from you guys in the past few months listening is unmatched! I’ve learned taking everything I’ve learned and applying it. I seriously love the variety of topics and both of you guys just all around seem really like cool people. Keep doing what you’re doing and I always look forward to the next episodes! I highly recommend giving this podcast a go and sharing it with ANY and EVERYONE you think may need to hear and learn about these topics. Thanks again for all that you do, you have no idea how much it has helped me. Don’t walk, RUN to download the latest episode, go through the old ones to learn from them, that’s what I’m doing now that I’m caught up. Lots of knowledge there waiting for you to listen!

Great Content

Love MFM. Does a great job of maintaining interest through varying topics while staying close to the core concepts of the podcast.

A great non-fluff business podcast

One of my favorite takeaways, “that’s a great idea, when do you launch?”

SaHM Seeking Banter and Excitement

Desperate housewife who craves colossal business ideas, hard up trends and famous daddies. Love this podcast.

The best but bring back the # of episodes

Just the best business podcast ou there, love the personal or business stories, the very actionable or very inspirational conversations! However please bring back the # for each episode, I think you stopped at #211 or something like that, a lot of us are taking notes and it’s a nightmare without those! Thanks for the good work!!

Entertaining Value

Shaan and Sam are fun to listen to and they always help me get my own creative juices flowing. I look at the world a little differently every day having listened to these guys.

Inspired Peasant

Great podcast! I’ve never felt so inspired and so poor all at once. It’s a great way to hear ideas and get inspiration.

Utter perfection

This podcast is for me. The amount of knowledge that Sean and Sam have together is otherworldly. The information and ideas they cover helps open my mind. Taking the time to thank you guys today with this review. Hopefully I get that 1k as well. Thanks guys.

Incredible Pod

They say you are who you surround yourself with. This podcast allows me to surround myself with 2 intelligent and inspirational dudes. This podcast gets me going and has taught me so much about business. I highly recommended!

Excellent podcast

I listen to this podcast every week as they come out and I truly think these guys do a great job of motivating young entrepreneurs to get going by showing them what’s possible!

Share This Podcast!

I started listening to this at its inception and Absolutely love it!!! I learn so much and it's all great conversation that's super interesting. Keeps me hooked for the hour. These guys are so generous with their knowledge! Selfishly I wanted to keep this gem I found to myself, but it's sooo good I had to share. And they guests they have 💎💎💎!!

Great Insight and Balance

Best and only podcast I listen to weekly! I enjoy how Sam and Shaan challenge the audience to not only brainstorm but to move on ideas. No other podcast gets me as excited about the present and future. Theres no better duo. Keep it up Gents.

Love these guys!

I am always tuning in to listen these two! I feel like a future side hustle will for sure come from here.

Life changing podcast.

I started listening MFM probably from the episode 5. The amount of ideas these guys discuss and generate is insane! The way they talk is super motivational, everything what they discus is very easy to understand for a not a tech person and for sure , some episodes push you into this very fun and “feels good” creative mood which may help you to shift your life into something new, awesome and in my case very lucrative :-) I highly recommend this podcast for everyone!

Epic Content!

Ever since I heard the Balaji episode, I’ve been hooked, and need more hours in my day to replay all episodes several times!!

Chaotic Good

Great for anyone interested in business and starting their own. It’s a mixed bag of topics (some mindset, some operational, some rambling, lots of brainstorming, lots of profiling of founders). Shaan is a slightly pompous heckler with great insights. Sam is the slightly neurotic optimist that isn’t afraid to ask direct questions that others may hesitate on. Together they are *chef’s kiss* There isn’t much structure and they can be a bit too bro-y (tech and otherwise) for me. I cringed when I heard them trying to talk about the skin care industry. I think they are missing out on a huge demographic and would benefit from incorporating more brands for women by women founders in the show. I enjoy MFM because it makes me feel like I’m chatting with other entrepreneurs who think similarly.

Opens my mind to possibilities

This podcast was recommended by a friend and now I find myself making the recommendations. This podcast is a blast to listen to and opens your mind to current happenings as well as what is possible. I’m not a VC, but it’s great to listen to their thought process. There are always nuggets you can apply to your world.

HIGHLY motivating podcast as an entrepreneur

This podcast has the best energy, the best ideas, the best business and tech conversation. I love the banter between Sam and Shaan. I feel like I’m part of their inner circle and get their expertise/advice/information about starting your own business and business ideas. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend this pod. I never miss an episode. There’s so much great content in each episode that I’ve found myself going back to re listen just because I didn’t catch everything the first time around. The only regret you’ll have is by not listening to this podcast.

Why I Care About an Elevator Company

What Sam and Shaan have developed here with MFM is a way of thought. The more I listen to the pod, the more antsy I get, and the more I analyze/question the things around me. Whether for investment ideas, or ideas that I can tackle on my own, they have taught their listeners a certain level of creative analysis. Their mental frameworks and the types of questions they ask are invaluable learnings for me and my life. All the way down to understanding how one company has such a large impact on the escalator/elevator industry (and you start to see these companies everywhere). These are things you don’t learn with a normal framework. One listen of an hour can truly change the trajectory of your life. One “lightbulb moment” is all it takes. Great work boys, thanks for all the entertainment!

Like it

I have been reading the Hustle for about a year but only just realized MDM is from the same dudes. Glad i did. I am very picky about what I waste my time listening to. But the topics I've listened to so far have been wheel turning, life improving discussions. Definitely dig it. Thanks guys.

My wife is now hooked

Just wanted to thank you guys because you are very entertaining and knowledgeable and I like your style. good job keep it up.

MFM for great ideas

These guys have continued to put out great ideas. While occasionally one of the two gets a bit opinionated over guests, the content remains relevant and timely and is 100% worth the listen…

Like hanging with smart folks

It’s like hanging with 2 smart friends talking business ideas. These guys are dedicated to growth and are plugged in to lots of good ideas and good people.

MFM Helped Me Make Some Easy Money

The best hustle idea that I’ve had came from the episode where Shaan talked about attempting a MMA fight in San Francisco and betting on the underdogs. Well I went to that very next event, which was last night, I started betting on the fighters and losing my money, and then I remembered Shaan’s advice on betting on the underdogs and the Mongolians, and by the end of the night I made all my money back and extra, 11/10

5 stars

Great podcast for anyone that is looking for inspiration, is an entrepreneur, or is looking for an interesting listen. Keep them coming!

Helps me think bigger and bigger each day!

These guys invented their own category of business entertainment! Every episode leaves me inspired and ready to take action. It’s the only podcast I listen to on my morning walks. It’s super refreshing to be a fly on a wall when Sam and Shaan brainstorm. I’ve been listening to their older episodes (ran out of all the new ones) and it gives me goosebumps to hear what they brainstormed about a year ago is coming true. Other pods have interviews and it all sounds the same. This one is so fresh because it’s new stuff every time. I am full of conversation topics AND I see how it’s helped me in my business to think bigger of what I used to. Very helpful! A must to listen to!

Best Entrepreneurial Podcast In the Game

Shaan and Sam will inspire you to dissect businesses and see what makes them work. You’ll want to start your own side hustle if you listen. Ye be warned!!!

My favorite podcast

My first million is by far my favorite podcast of any genre. Each episode is entertaining and informative and I can’t wait for the next episode as soon as I finish the one I’m listening to. Amazing!

Inspiring, Practical, and hysterical

This podcast is essentially two very intelligent and down to earth entrepreneurs openly brainstorming and breaking down different ways to make money, gain attention, and improve in life. It’s awesome.

Always saucey

Interesting banter with relevant, timely topics. These guys keep it upbeat and WAY informative. Each episode has multiple thought provoking tidbits regardless of subject. Would love to chop it up over biz ideas with these two!

Energy like no other

If you’re looking for raw inspirational energy look no further. MFM is by far my favorite podcast to pop up in my feed!

Petition for Apple to allow the first ‘6-Star’ Rating for a Podcast

This show is a game changer, it is my go-to source to hear about ideas 4 weeks before Tech Crunch or Business Insider writes about them The pod is low-key motivational as well, it gave me the push I needed to go and start the YouTube channel I had been wanting to make (shoutout the burrito method!)

A month into listening, and I already made my first million!

I just discovered the MFM podcast a month ago, and by following their simple tips and tricks I went from dead broke to a millionaire! While this is a joke, it’s not far off the truth. I really have discovered MFM only a month or two ago and managed to listen to 80% plus of the episodes. When you binge the show all at once you find out that: 1. The guys have excellent chemistry; 2. You will learn more from them and their guests than from most business school professors; 3. If you just apply yourself to their ideas, you just might become a millionaire… in the past month i have taken some of the ideas discussed on MFM, reworked them to fit the market in Croatia, where i’m from, and launched businesses that will soon be bringing in more money than my primary occupation. Sweet! Thanks guys!

Ready to win 1k

Discovered MFM through following the hustle since 2018. Really enjoy the insights and in the moment brainstorming. my favorite part is the research that goes into segments like billy of the week and anecdotes about other successful inspirational folks. Entry into the $1000 as a diversity pick 😉

My favorite Podcast

I learn something new every time. The perfect amount of inspiration and knowledge. My only advice would be to not stray away from the brainstorming sessions. Feel like recently there’s been less of that

My Favorite Pod

Love this pod. Chemistry is great and the business ideas these guys come up with are awesome!

Yes you can make millions

I always thought I’d be a millionaire at 50 through IRAs and slow and steady investments. MFM opened my eyes to all the opportunities that are out there and that achieved so on my 30s is truly possible. I attribute to MFM that I decided to start my startup a few months ago instead of a few years down the road. To paraphrase Shaan in regards to waiting a year to start a company “oh so you’re going to waste 10% of your 20s, your most precious asset, just like that??” Thanks both for all you do!!

They Speak My Language

Here’s why I love Sam and Shaan: they’re obviously smart guys. Really smart. Really successful. But they never talk over people’s heads. In fact, when they have a guest that’s going all Jargon 5000, they ALWAYS either ask for clarification, ask the guest to explain in simpler terms, or just explain it for the guest. In this everyman way, Sam and Shaan explain topics from NFTs to mindfulness in a way that’s accessible and engaging. Oh, and they don’t take themselves too seriously either. Bonus. MFM is my go-to podcast. Can’t wait to meet these guys in person. - C. G. Cooper

Love this podcast

Great listen for entrepreneurs. Very inspirational. Keep up the great work guys.

Uncon missed you Shaan 😂

Y’all are the best. Codie’s conference loved you! And everyone should love the pod. My fave. Keep it up.

Sam and Shaan are the bros I never had

I found MFM podcast about a year ago and binged all episodes in a week. They are now part of my morning routine. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like a fly in the wall of two smart bros talking on the phone. Because of Shaan, I got my first exposure into crypto. Both Sam and Shaan are full of random but interesting stories about life, business, and perseverance. MFM has introduced me to interesting guests, new businesses and brands, and thought provoking ideas. I look forward to watching their clout and influence in the business world grow and see what life stories they share as they get older.

A Podcast for Winner, not Whiners

Listen to this every time I’m at the gym. Gets me mentally stronger (while getting physically stronger). Love their insights, and while my ideas around a Dog Zoo, toothpaste-shampoo, and diaper changing machine haven’t yet come to fruition, I finish each episode inspired every time. @cleveland_dad


These guys are awesome to listen to! I love sitting in the sandbox with them as they explore the endless possibilities for entrepreneurs. I’m ready to come play too! Thanks for the inspiration and insights, keep ‘em coming ;)

Better than an MBA

Most podcasts cover what’s already happened. This podcast covers ideas that can happen. It’s like getting an MBA except free and more entertaining! Hosts also have great chemistry 🔥so it sounds like you’re dropping into a conversation with friends

the homeliest business show

Not only is MFM my #1 business podcast, but it's also top-5 for entertainment value. Listening to MFM, I feel truly immersed, as if I'm right there chatting with Sam and Shaan. Their down-to-earth attitude makes you feel like you're equals with them, even if they're better at business than you. You don't feel like they're immortal and you're not, which gives you confidence that you too can do what they do in business.

The GOAT Business/Startups/Entrepreneurship Podcast

The best all-around podcast for my money, and it’s not even close. I listen to every second of every episode, same as with every word of The Hustle (newsletter). Shaan and Sam are such great teachers, storytellers and motivators — mainly because they’re driven by the Growth Mindset — and they also inject humor/personality into the show. They make the best of any situation and get the most out of their colleagues, coworkers, friends and business partners, empowering everyone around them. Back to the podcast, as much as I love Shaan and Sam, the guests are just as good. They’ve had some legends, such as Rob Dyrdek, Scott Belsky, Ramon Van Meer, Ariel Helwani, Dharmesh Shah and others. I’ve learned so much from this pod since listening to Episode 1, and I can’t thank Shaan and Sam enough for all the knowledge — a lot of which you won’t get elsewhere — they’ve passed on.

Must-listen Podcast

Wouldn’t miss an episode! A ton of fun to listen to each episode and learn about different businesses.

Cool dudes

Great podcast. Seem like down to earth successful dudes who are fun to listen to.

All time favorite podcast

Great podcast for hearing about interesting people who did interesting things; also usually a solid breakdown of why they were successful. And funny at the same time. Highly recommend this podcast as well as Sam’s Trend’s newsletter.

Get your mind right!

Great podcast for getting inspired to get out there and find your way to make your first $$! Tactics, ideas, and conversation to figure out how others have paved the way and how youcan make yours.

Thank u husband

My husband turned me on to my first million and I now listen to it daily! I love hearing stories of new companies that are changing the world!

Best Podcast for everyone

Sam and Shaan really know what theyre talking about and even when they dont understand something they stretch it out to figure out what they need to know. They know what they do not know so they are really life long learners and just want to help their audience get smarter. This podcast is for everyone it really touches all corners of society today from web3.0 to small mom and pop businesses crushing it. Sam and Shaan are the most connected podcasters in the game and every guest comes on knowing its gonna be a great episode. Ben is great too!

A podcast for the fast lane

A great podcast that offers a different perspective from most business building podcast. I love the fast pace and quick topics. Everyday I get one step closer to quitting my job. Already started building on the side from Shaan and Sam’s advice and challenges. I love the harassment to be all in. Feels like the startup friends I don’t yet have in my ear every week. 💰📈💰🔨

So much great info

This is a great podcast. Easy to consume and full of great info.

Chaotic Good

Great for anyone interested in business and starting their own. It’s a mixed bag of topics (some mindset, some operational, some rambling, lots of brainstorming, lots of profiling of founders). Shaan is a slightly pompous heckler with great insights. Sam is the slightly neurotic optimist that isn’t afraid to ask direct questions that others may hesitate on. Together they are *chef’s kiss* There isn’t much structure and they can be a bit too bro-y (tech and otherwise) for me. I cringed when I heard them trying to talk about the skin care industry. I think they are missing out on a huge demographic and would benefit from incorporating more brands for women by women founders in the show. I enjoy MFM because it makes me feel like I’m chatting with other entrepreneurs who think similarly.

This is a great podcast

I’m so inspired everytime I listen to the ideas presented on this show! I want to deep dive on so many of the topics they talk about!

Relevant, actionable, and current

This podcast is fantastic dialogue through business steps and principles, they discuss relevant interesting topics and I always gain great actionable insight when I listen. 10/10 would recommend.


These guys are a great hang, they mostly focus on interesting business ideas, but occasionally devolve into random stuff which is still good. Highly recommend.


Love this podcast - gets me fired up and my mind clicking on ideas.

You’d be stupid not to listen to this Podcast

This is a podcast I wish I could keep secret. The ideas, thoughts and stories they share are interesting and engaging. They cut through the noise and fluff to get to the best parts of every aspect of running/starting a business. If your interested in starting a business, running a business, the VC world and the occasional random topics this is a must listen.

Free money tips? Yes please!

Shaan and Sam are awesome hosts! Really help breakdown any idea they have in bite size easy to understand pieces. Love the show, keep it going!

Entertaining and insightful

Love this podcast.

Great for business majors!

I’m a current business student and this show has been great for getting comfortable with the lingo and mindset that top players have. They have great insights and deliver them in an interesting, understandable way so nothing goes over your head. I like starting my morning with this podcast because it gets me excited about what’s going on around me. Great show!

Great show

Only recently started listening but this show is great! They keep it interesting and understandable while providing great business insights and keeping you in the loop with what’s going on in the world!

Read to the end for a challenge to Shaan

I’ve been listening since 2019 and this pod just keeps getting better. Pros: Perfect for ideators who geek out on the process of bringing ides to life and who revel in the inspiration it delivers. Cons: Sam is a bro whose constant interruptions get under my skin, and Shaan is a total Millennial who doesn’t know who Dolly Parton is. More Pros: Shaan is one of the best storytellers out there and I’ve written down many of his “golden nuggets” on life hacks. Sam is from the Midwest so I have to give him some Midwest Nice vibes back. BIGGEST CON

This podcast deserves a Grammy

I found this podcast from a Instagram ad and I been in love ever since. If you really want some great ideas and ways to make some money these are your guys! Not only is it super informative it’s also very entertaining and have so awesome guest definitely 10/10. Can you get a Grammy for podcast? Get these guys a Grammy ASAP

Ben was a great addition

5 stars to a great podcast. Thanks for the unique content. Thank you for pushing your guests to answer difficult questions. Please give Ben more time to make more episodes for his own show too.

Great Ideas, Great Guys

I discovered this podcast and have listened to every episode now. It’s entertaining and educational to peek behind the current of companies that are shaping our world today. Thank you Sam and Shaan!

Business content can be boring - MFM is not

I really enjoying listening to this podcast. Great to listen to on a morning or mid-day walk to help me think through ideas for how to innovate within my business. Always entertaining!

Pandemic Pals

I started listening in the fall of 2019 and Sam and Shaan were my inspiration for future ideas in the darkest of days. The pod just keeps getting better and better.

Stimulate my mind!

So glad I found this podcast. I always used to wonder how big companies operate and all these weird business start out. No need to wonder anymore. Love it and always recommending to friends. You guys should target college/university entrepreneur clubs/programs.

Love it

Started listening to them lately. Had to go back and listen for the gems from the beginning!

Brainstorming galore

I get so much value and entertainment listening to these guys brainstorm biz ideas. Really gets the creative juices going.


Even if you don’t come away from this podcast with the next million dollar idea, you’ll still leave with a greater sense of confidence and motivation to go start that business you’ve been putting off for years because of x, y, & z.

Great Podcast for those interested in entrepreneurship.

I recently started binging My First Million after hearing sam and Shawn talk on Indie Hackers. I’ve gotten a lot of great insights from them lately. I like the way they think about startups and they are entertaining to listen to.

Like Business Crack for Schemers

This podcast LIGHTS ME UP! Helps me flex my creative startup muscles that had atrophied over the past few years working in consulting. Shaan and Sam are a dynamic duo, delivering insightful content in an action-packed, entertaining way. Got mad respect for these guys. I could listen to them riffing on new business ideas all day every day. The interviews are sick too. I’ve learned a ton and am inspired to make something happen. I love that they encourage the audience to TAKE ACTION. Thanks Shaan and Sam for creating this life changing podcast. 🤙🏼

Good vibes

I only listen to positive podcasts and this is one of the few business and tech ones that doesn’t dunk on people.

4 out of 5 dentists recommend

Shaan and Sam are great dudes. Every week they make help me think through new ideas in business and startups. I try to launch a new project every other week and plenty of the 24 product drops we’ve done have been inspired by the convos between Sam and Shaan. Thanks guys!

5 Stars no question

It’s a provocative podcast where I get in depth analysis from hosts that aren’t having a narrative with it. I really enjoy it as a young man who loves business and ways to find profit it’s great to listen and hear the best of both worlds on what I’m looking for in a podcast.

Really Inspiring and Eye Opening!

Both Shaan and Sam, as well as the special guests that appear on the pod, provide tremendous value to all listeners who wish to learn more about businesses and taking rad vantage of certain opportunities and market trends. Everyone from beginners in the space to veteran entrepreneurs could very much benefit from their guidance in order to help both themselves and their business succeed.

Insightful and Inspiring

I’ve been listening for a while and it’s getting better and better. The guys learn out loud and I love that. They also help equip and encourage. They are insightful and inspiring and the show is dope. I’m grateful.

Only here for the $1000

Shaan pay me my money! Honestly though these two are awesome. I love when they jump off on a tangent talking about UFC or being a fitness influencer. The most entertaining podcast by far!

This is my favorite 2021 discovery.

This is my favorite 2021 discovery. I’ve listened to every episode and loved it. I’ve learned. I’ve networked. I’ve grown. Love when episodes are just conversation. Love the interviews too. Highly recommend.

Worth it for Shaan’s trainer’s wisdom

I may be just another internet stranger, but trust me when I say this is one of the few podcasts I never miss an episode of. I’d give it 5 stars just for the insights of Shaan’s trainer. Truly inspiring.

It’s a must

I listen to every episode and they’ve probably made me 6 to 7 zeros from their ideas riffing inside my businesses. So I thought it’s about time I wrote a review!

Best Podcast

I can’t believe how much I love this podcast and how much I’ve learned from it. Listening in has quickly became one of my favorites things to spend my time doing. I also got a little inspired by Sam’s fitness stuff so I made a self rule that I can only listen to this podcast while I’m at the gym to incentivize me to go. I’ve been making it to the gym like 4x a week since then.

Follow first and then read this!

Are you a student? You’ll love it Are you an investor? You’ll love it Are you in a job? You’ll love it Leave everything behind Are you a human? You’ll love it Let me summarize - new ideas - new investments - amazing discussions - awesome people What else do you want? Thank me later

next level insights

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri are both incredibly genius and interesting to listen to! definitely check this pod out

Favorite podcast

Love listening to this podcast. Gets your creative juices going and you will learn a ton of interesting frameworks, concepts, etc from shaan/sam and awesome guests.

My Go To Biz Podcast

Started on this pod after hearing their ad on the TIP podcast. Immediately binged all episodes. As a somewhat isolated entrepreneur, it’s great to have new ideas and actionable advice available regularly in podcast form. Oh, and it’s entertaining!

Top of the listening list when eps drop

Have been listening for over a year, the eps have gotten even better and the guests even more interesting, I learn something every episode, you can’t say that about most podcasts. Nice chat at Uncon also :)

great and fun pod for entrepreneurs and aspirants

love Sam and Shaan’s podcast, no longer feel like it’s a secret, but appreciate the great work guys. very open about their businesses and thoughts- very inspiring.

Why my friends and family hate “My First Million”

There are many podcasts about money. Even more about entrepreneurship but few can actually motivate you to do something. Since I started listening to my first million I became addicted Instantly. Not just for the brilliant commentary and astounding guests but because it gets me more pumped up than an espresso made with monster instead of water. It’s a joy to listen to these two guys just banter ideas and learn about how their mind works. I’ve become addicted to researching companies that have previously gone unnoticed. I spend hours talking to friends and family about the latest business I just learned about. Or trying to get them to banter the same way Sam & Shaan do (they don’t). It’s ruined relationships and has improved literally everything else. If you’ve ever liked talk radio, listen to this podcast. If you’ve ever had a job, listen to this podcast, if you ever enjoyed fun, listen to this podcast. My first million is good for your soul.

MFM is full of golden nuggets

I usually don’t listen to podcast! This one is different, as Shaan would say, full of golden nuggets! It’s inspiring and refreshing.

Boost your creativity with this podcast!

When brainstorming, I often find it easier to bounce ideas off of others to gain mew perspective. This is where I discover the best solutions to problems. Whenever my mind gets siloed and I find the need to bounce around ideas, I listen to this podcast. I’ve been following the My First Million since their first podcast. They share incredible perspectives, frameworks, inspiration, and motivation that will put you into a creative mindset. I often find myself applying their ideas to new industries or taking them to a deeper level. It helps me approach relationships, work, and family with a fresh set of eyes. Highly recommend!

Fire content, titles too long

Subject line says it all. Shorten those titles and the 5th star is yours

Scratch for scratch

I listen to this podcast like a mad man. I like it because it’s not like all the other fluffy shows where they are scared to ask guest certain questions. Plus Shaan and Sam are like a match made it Tech heaven lol. I never wrote a review on here but I could definitely use $1000. So if you like listening for business talk and learning how others created amazing companies, this is probably the only podcast to get it from. Hey guys how did I do?? 😂

The most fun business podcast!

I don’t know if I like either Shaan or Sam but I sure do enjoy hearing them rif.

Truly inspirational

I’ve been inspired several times over, and am absolutely shocked they do this podcast for free with all the valuable information and thoughts jam packed into an episode. Be warned, though - Sam’s voice sounds like it should be Shaan’s and Shaan, Sam’s.

Breath of fresh air

The way these guys think gives me hope in humanity

Gets my brain going

Inspiring podcast. Gets my brain going and excited for new opportunities. Love how the guys seem open and honest, positive but critical of guests at the same time. 4 star for now, hopefully 5 as I continue to listen.

It’s the best.

I wish I could grab lunch with Sam and Shan. But I can’t so listening to this pod will do. If I only had $1000 bucks I’d prob fly out to hang for a day if it was cool with them :)

My first million

A go to on runs. This podcast helps me expand my thought process on making myself a millionaire.


Such a great podcast. Leaves you feeling empowered and inspired!

These guys rock

Great listening on how to build and grow. Love it.

Great podcast for entrepreneurs!

Used to play shows with Sam’s brother, and realizing I should have spent more time chatting with Sam at all those afterparty’s at the Parr pool. As a business owner in the music and clothing industries, this podcast is very insightful when it comes to new trends to pay attention to, and ways to expand my business. Even if the episode isn’t directly related to music or fashion, there’s still plenty that I can take away for what I do. Highly recommend!

The best Podcast Period

These guys are very entertaining. I love how they run through and analyze businesses each show. It’s like listening in at an incubator. Recently the guests have been awesome. The Dydrek interview was amazing and they bring in folks from emerging spaces like crypto. Overall it’s incredibly inspiring and informative. Best show out there!

Intelligent & Entertaining Insights

Sam and Shaan invite you into their circle to chat about their latest discoveries in business and entrepreneurial hustle. I am amazed, entertained and enlightened with each info packed episode, always wishing for more.