June 28, 2021

Why Successful Startups Take Longer Than You Think

Why Successful Startups Take Longer Than You Think
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We are trying a new episode format. Tweet your feedback to Sam (@theSamParr).

On this episode, you'll hear clips from successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, and Travis Kalanick. Sam breaks down some of their stories and shares why startups aren't overnight successes. Not to be discouraging, this episode normalizes the struggles entrepreneurs go through working their way to success.


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Show notes:

* (1:02) Intro to episode

* (5:56) Tim Westergren on Pandora's origins

* (7:56) Sam's commentary

* (10:48) Vlad Magdalin on Webflow's struggles

* (12:44) Sam's commentary

* (13:45) Steve Jobs on Passion

* (14:27) Sam's commentary

* (18:46) Tim Westergren's speech

* (19:54) Sam's commentary

* (20:52) What drove Vlad to keep trying

* (22:13) Sam's commentary

* (24:04) Chris Sacca on Travis Kalanick's competitiveness

* (25:09) Sam's commentary

* (26:43) A story about Travis' first business

* (27:13) Sam's commentary

* (29:19) Marc Cuban on focusing

* (29:53) Sam's commentary

* (34:21) What drives Chamath

* (36:12) Episode close