Why Today Is the Day to Ask For a Raise | My First Million #216

In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) shares why you should ask for that raise and Sam (@theSamParr) pokes holes in the $75K happiness study. They also debate whether it is better to own the entirety of a smaller company or a piece of a bigger one. The two also talk about MMA fights and how you can package that appeal, the future of maps, and a fractional vacation home company. Sam also shares the story around Wayne Huizenga, this week's Billy of the Week.
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Show notes:
* (0:00) Spending time in the Hamptons
* (1:43) The Jake Paul fight
* (5:31) The local MMA fight
* (9:32) Chasing the sensation of feeling alive
* (13:38) The $75K happiness study
* (18:22) How Shaan got insights on his teams wellbeing
* (22:40) The future of maps
* (32:42) Billy of the Week: Wayne Huizenga
* (42:12) Pacasso for your next vacation home
* (47:12) To own all of a small company or a piece of a big one
* (57:20) Ask for a raise today