Million Dollar Businesses with 0 Employees

Sam Parr (@theSamParr) sits down with Steph Smith (@StephSmithio), indie creator and host of the "Sh*t You Didn't Learn in School" podcast, to talk about companies with only one employee that are making millions and what we can learn from them.
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Show Notes:
(00:00) - How Steph plans to become a billionaire
(04:30) -,, and Ugmonk.
(08:00) - Carrd. Unfold. Media kits.
(11:30) -
(18:30) - The MotoMeter
(22:15) - HeadLime
(26:00) - Sites that have a surprising amount of traffic -,
(40:30) - "Your listicle is my opportunity"
(45:15) - Magnus Carlsen and chess