Jess Lee knows how to build a community of delighted users at Hustle Con

Jess Lee is the CEO and Co-Founder of Polyvore. Prior to co-founding Polyvore, Jess was a product manager at Google, where she worked on Google Maps and launched features like My Maps and draggable driving directions. In her talk, Jess discusses how to build a community of delighted users.

Polyvore is a way to discover and shop for things you love. Their global community has created over 100 million collage-like “sets” that are shared across the web. Polyvore disrupt the traditional e-commerce model by giving everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today's trends and influencing purchases. Polyvore's savvy community is ahead of the curve, predicting trends before they hit the mainstream. Start shopping at

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Polyvore is funded by Benchmark Capital, Matrix Partners, DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs and NV Investments (Vivi Nevo).

Hustle Con is a badass conference where the best non-technical founders (aka hustlers) teach how they got started and give practical advice on growing your startup. If you’ve heard of a hacker, well a hustler is its counterpart. Basically, it’s like a rock n’ roll version of TED, except not as hoity-toity. The catch? None of our speakers know how to code.

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