How to Buy Distressed Assets, How to Network with Codie Sanchez | My First Million Ep. #176

Codie Sanchez (@Codie_Sanchez) joins Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) for this brainstorm. Codie is all about businesses that cashflowing right away. She talks everything from buying distressed businesses to modular homes to buying real estate for pennies on the dollar. She doesn't shy away from controversial thoughts either: she lays out why angel investing is dumb and why public stock investing is as well. We end the episode with some great stories on "how to collect people" (basically network like a champ) and what financial freedom really means.
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Show notes:
* (0:00) Intro
* (0:38) The guys recap the Balaji podcast
* (5:08) Codie explains what she does and how she got there
* (15:03) Owning mailing centers & pack and ships
* (21:12) Buying distressed assets for $0
* (23:54) The big ROI on tiny homes
* (28:44) Codie's controversial thoughts
* (37:16) Buying RE at auction
* (43:01) How to collect cool people
* (54:15) How Shaan and Codie view financial freedom