How the UFC Became a Multi-Billion Dollar Brand | My First Million #179

With Endeavor's IPO, Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) break down the UFC's numbers and how it got so profitable. Key to the whole thing: Dana White. He bought the UFC for $2m and turned it into a multi-billion empire. The guys also talk about the mental toughness of UFC fighters and how you can take some of these same principles and apply them to your life. They also talk about an interesting concept called no-loss lotteries and a company trying to save you taxes.

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Show notes:

* (3:28) How to retain talent

* (7:42) The mental toughness of UFC fighters

* (15:30) The power of self-talk

* (24:20) How the UFC got so profitable

* (36:38) How this company will help you save taxes

* (41:05) What are no-loss lotteries?