How a City Tour is Making Millions, & Selling Manhood | My First Million # 177

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) might have set a record with this episode in terms of ideas! We start with Shaan laying out his case for why a "Barstool for tech and business" would work and how it should be done. Sam pushed back a little bit but admits it's possible. The guys then talk about the booming software course business. Valuations are sky-high for some companies in this sector -- Shaan explains why. The guys also revisit internal media companies (they'll invest if you're doing it). The guys also break down: a NYC tours business pulling in $1m annually, "Manhood as a Service" businesses, and renting chickens!
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Show notes:
* (0:00) Intro
* (1:58) Podcast growth
* (7:34) "Barstool for Tech/Business"
* (16:07) Why course software companies are booming
* (27:18) Internal newsletters and podcasts
* (33:38) Millions being made with city and company tours
* (45:05) Manhood as a Service
* (50:51) Museum of Ice Cream and Museum Hack
* (52:50) Rent the Chicken

* (58:44) How Shaan and Sam get things done