Furqan Rydhan on What It's Like Co-founding a $20B Company | My First Million #180

Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) are joined by Furqan Rydhan (@FurqanR). Furqan was Shaan's CTO at Bebo and previously co-founded AppLovin -- a $20B+ company that recently went public. Shaan and Furqan host a weekly "Cool Sh!t Hour" between themselves to discuss the coolest innovations Furqan's seeing. We basically took that and made it into a podcast. Furqan talks about mind-control hardware, vertical farming, and a lot of interesting crypto projects. He also talks about what it was like starting a multibillion-dollar company and his mindset around making decisions on what projects to work on.
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Show notes:
* (0:00) Intro
* (5:33) Background on Furqan and his new venture (f.inc)
* (7:48) How AppLovin became a $20B+ company
* (24:20) The hardware Furqan is bullish on
* (35:33) DeFi and borrowing against crypto
* (48:38) The opportunities in vertical farming
* (59:59) The power of proximity and serendipitous opportunities
* (1:13:40) What are DAOs?