Frameworks to Become a Billionaire with HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah | My First Million #197

Sam (@TheSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) are joined by billionaire HubSpot co-founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah (@Dharmesh). Dharmesh shares his thought process behind buying the Hustle, how he thinks about time & money, and how HubSpot came to be. They close the episode talking about ideas around a better version of LinkedIn and the future of software.


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Show notes:

0:00 - Intro
8:41 - The inside scoop on why HubSpot bought The Hustle
13:31 - What it's like to be a billionaire
18:25 - A framework on the relationship between time & money
24:21 - Rich guy questions
27:55 - Dharmesh on the beginnings of HubSpot
35:34 - Idea: A blockchain version of LinkedIn
43:59 - Dharmesh on BitClout
48:46 - Idea: NLP, the future of software
51:46 - Growth Bot & website graders
57:51 - Dharmesh on GPT-3
1:01:20 - Idea: A community for remote work
1:05:21 - A framework to evaluate startup ideas
1:12:21 - Constructive podcast criticism
1:17:01 - Outro