Elon Musk's "Short Shorts" is the Perfect Meme | Hustle Hot Takes #2

Hustle Hot Takes #2

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a "short shorts" merch drop over the July long weekend. According to Trung Phan (@TrungTPhan), this is the perfect meme. And, in a hat tip to Musk, this video explaining why is 489 seconds long (420 + 69 = 489 seconds = 8 mins 9 secs).

The "short shorts" meme is a culmination of many of Musk's most popular memes:

*Merch drops (e.g., flamethrower, Boring hat)
*Trolling short sellers
*Tesla car models spelling "sexy" (S3XY)
*The number 420
*The number 69

In the trading week since that announcement, $TSLA is up nearly 30% and Musk has surpassed Warren Buffet's net worth. While correlation obviously doesn't mean causation, the entire episode is a reminder that Musk is a meme God without peer.

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