3 Patterns for Great Business Ideas with Jack Abraham, Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic

Jack Abraham (@jackabraham), Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic, sits down with MFM hosts Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@theSamParr) to talk frameworks for great business ideas, how one hour can have more impact than everything else you've done in your career, the Jenga law of time management, and much more.

Show Notes:
* (0:00) How Shaan originally met Jack
* (2:40) The secret to startup studio success
* (4:50) Why Jack has banned brainstorming sessions
* (23:25) Top lessons learned from the greatest VCs in Silicon Valley
* (27:35) The Jenga Law of time management
* (32:10) Crazy ideas Jack decided not to pursue
* (40:35) Patterns behind great business ideas
* (53:25) The value of focusing on one thing vs having your hands in a lot of things
* (59:04) Jack's views on the future of crypto