July 26, 2021

SPECIAL: The Little Known World of FatFIRE

SPECIAL: The Little Known World of FatFIRE
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In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) shares what he's learned from one of his favorite subreddits, FatFIRE. FatFIRE is about the pursuit of financial independence/early retirement with an upper-middle class lifestyle.

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Show notes:

* (1:07) Meet FatFIRE

* (6:53) What Sam has learned from FatFIRE

* (7:15) 1 - The safety withdrawal rate

* (8:36) 2 - Asset backed loans

* (10:38) 3 - They keep working after they retire

* (11:50) 4 - It's easy to spend a lot of money

* (13:05) 5 - But you don't have to

* (13:50) 6 - You have a number

* (15:04) 7 - On wealth advisors

* (16:05) 8 - You don't have to start a business

* (18:25) 9 - Live your life

* (20:23) A redditor on different levels of wealth