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This is a remote contract position and we are looking to partner with an independent contractor or small production team with the expectation of ~30 hours of work per week. Compensation is commensurate with experience.


Senior Producer, Podcasts (My First Million)



HubSpot’s Senior Podcast Producer plays a vital role in producing original podcasts for HubSpot Podcast Network, and is responsible for all aspects of production for assigned HubSpot podcasts. This role includes ideation of concepts for new podcasts including production support and development, as well as acting as story editor for assigned podcasts. Additionally, the Senior Producer will be guiding/directing talent to best support the narrative of our podcasts, overseeing contractors/vendors involved with production, editorial selection and direction of podcasts. This individual has demonstrated measurable success in crafting podcasts from beginning to end, works well with teams, loves creative problem solving, excels at audience engagement, and has a strong ear for what works well in audio.


Senior Producers help HubSpot Podcast Network answer four questions:

  • What kinds of podcasts should we be producing?
  • How do we create content that continually engages with audiences?
  • How do we find unique ways of telling stories within our category?
  • Who is the best talent to tell our stories?

Much like a conductor, the Senior Producer must find a balance between the various moving parts of podcast production, including pre-production, live capture, and post-production. As well as, talent direction, editorial structure and engagement optimization. Senior Producers excel at creative work, talent relations and project management, since their role requires a creative drive, an aptitude for talent management and an organized personality to sync all moving parts of production. Making sure that the various points of each show’s production are in sync and moving towards growth and engagement. 





  • Research content and topics to inform the editorial direction of assigned podcasts.
  • Assemble prep docs and background research for hosts.
  • Work with associate producers to delegate pre-production tasks.
  • Research and pitch guest ideas that fit the themes of assigned podcasts. 
  • Conduct outreach to guests and maintain relationships with guests. Work with external vendors on guest outreach as well.
  • Coordinate recording schedule with talent according to availability.
  • Work with various stakeholders when planning show/new season/special episode launch. 
  • Work with growth team on continued audience growth and engagement.

Live capture:

  • Run remote live recording sessions and monitor all outputs for optimal quality.
  • Become familiar with host setups and troubleshoot any technical issues among hosts/guests.
  • Keep time and direct hosts through recordings.
  • Keep hosts on track and on topic.
  • Keep detailed notes and time cues for post production edit and promotional content.

Post Production

  • Edit episodes accordingly to ensure engagement, flow and value for audiences.
  • Mix/master audio accordingly for top quality sound.
  • Schedule and manage publishing schedule.
  • Work closely with editors to produce final episodes for both audio and video.
    • This includes direction in final edits, addition of B-Roll, and arrangement of segments.


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Work with various external vendors on numerous aspects of podcast including:
    • Growth: Engagement and audience development.
    • Brand: Ad campaign production, management, and distribution.
    • Production: Creation and distribution of ancillary promotional assets.
    • Production: Sound design 
  • Maintain recording archives and content library.
  • Regularly analyze metrics and analytics of performance and pivot accordingly to meet goals.


We are looking for people who:

  • Have at least 5 years experience producing content and story telling. (Podcast, YouTube Series, Film/TV, Radio)
  • Are passionate about podcasting and excited to create great content.
  • Have experience producing successful shows in both audio and video.
  • Are familiar with the podcast ecosystem and the various aspects of the medium.
  • Are familiar with the YouTube ecosystem and the shifting landscape of video podcasts.
  • Understands the role of research in problem solving, tactical solutions, and creative execution.
  • Are well organized and structured.
  • Are well versed in working with talent and understand how to guide both novice and experienced hosts.
  • Understand how to work cross-functionally. Leading project teams and partnering with stakeholders to execute the work.
  • Can work alongside analysts to develop reports to measure the performance of their work.
  • Are well versed in various platforms and softwares used in podcasting (Including, but not limited to Adobe, YouTube, Descript, Megaphone and more).
  • Have a great problem solving attitude and desire to create high level, engaging content.

What's My First Million?

A top 10 business podcast part of the Hubspot Podcast Network with 2M+ monthly downloads, and averages ~5M YouTube views a month. 

Each week, Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle acq/ by Hubspot) & Shaan Puri (Founder Milk Road, CEO of Bebo acq. by Twitch) brainstorm business ideas you can start tomorrow. Sometimes they bring on guests like Mr. Beast, Ryan Holiday, Rob Dyrdek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Palmer Lucky & more to brainstorm with them.


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