Nov. 23, 2021

How to Have an Early Adopter Mindset, ConstitutionDAO, Optimizing Twitter Bios, and More

Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@theSamParr) talk about what an early adopter mindset is and how to adopt it, the ConstitutionDAO and whether it's a good idea, how Gary Vaynerchuk used NFTs to create the greatest preorder of all time, why you should use your Twitter bio to put yourself out there, and more.


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Show Notes:

(00:18) - Recapping the Huberman episode

(07:55) - ConstitutionDAO

(18:17) - How Gary V is using NFTs to create the greatest preorder of all time

(30:51) - The differences in how rich people lives

(46:50) - How to adopt an early adopter mindset

(59:05) - Why your Twitter bio should be about your future