My First Million

My First Million

Every week we dive deep into different business opportunities and explain how to pounce on them.

Basically...we spoon-feed you interesting businesses you can start tomorrow. And hey, maybe it'll help you get your first million users, revenue, profit, employees (that'd be wild), or whatever it is you want a million of.

So, click below to follow. We guarantee* it'll be the best damn podcast you ever heard.

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Recent Episodes

Shaan's Masterclass On Pitching That Has Raised Millions From Investors

March 24, 2023

Episode 436: In a special Friday episode, Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) gives a special masterclass on his pitch deck that has raised millions from investors. Go to the MFM YouTube channel to see examples. Want to see more MFM? Su…

Million $ Quilting Empire, Babyville, USA, And Rapid Fire Business Ideas

March 23, 2023

Episode 435: Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) is joined by his business partner, Ben Levy ( @benmlevy ) to talk about meeting Al Doan - owner of a million dollar quilting company, creating Babyville, USA, taking meetings for no reaso…

Part 2: Pomp On His Businesses, Young Rock Star Employees, And The Internet Entrepreneur Hero

March 21, 2023

Episode 434 Part 2: Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) and Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) are joined by entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Anthony Pompliano ( @APompliano ) to explain his businesses, how he gets rock stars on his side, and wh…

Part 1: Pomp On Balaji's 90 Day Bitcoin Bet, Digital Catastrophes, And Failing Banks

March 21, 2023

Episode 434 Part 1: In part one of today's show, Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) and Shaan Puri ( @ShaanVP ) are joined by entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Anthony Pompliano ( @APompliano ) to talk about the failing banks situatio…

Boys React: GPT-4, Billion $ Mint Mobile Sale, Original iPhone Sale, Bay Area Storms

March 17, 2023

Episode 433: In the Friday segment called The Boys React, Sam Parr ( @TheSamParr ) and guest Nick Huber ( @sweatystartup ) give their two cents on a few relevant business stories. Check it out... SHAAN'S NEW DAILY NEWSLETTER…