Sept. 24, 2021

#222 - How to Get a Slice of Harvard's Billion Dollar Case Study Industry

#222 - How to Get a Slice of Harvard's Billion Dollar Case Study Industry
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In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) break down Harvard's publishing arm and how you can create something to get a slice of the action. Sam also shares how he would approach Trends if he were to make it again. They also talk about the end of the MFM NFT auction and Shaan recaps a LinkedIn post about the early days of Canva.


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Show notes:

* (0:59) Shaan is jacked

* (2:53) Strength correlations to longevity

* (11:02) The MFM NFT

* (15:06) Harvard Business Review

* (25:35) Getting in on the case study game

* (31:37) Other spaces to make this work

* (34:58) Maybe don't fake it til you make it

* (39:50) On investor due diligence

* (45:33) Don't be this guy

* (53:42) The long path for Canva's success