Sept. 17, 2021

#220 - 12 Startups That Can Make You a Millionaire (Sara's List)

#220 - 12 Startups That Can Make You a Millionaire (Sara's List)
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Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) give an updated version of Sara's List, 12 companies with exponential growth potential in lucrative industries that could change your life as a job applicant. Regardless if you're job hunting or not, these products and services have some awesome consumer applications.

Sara's List

Sam's Wife, Sara, wanted to find a company to work for that had exponential growth opportunity

She made a list: Not a start-up with only 20 people, but looking for companies with established resources, budding market fit, and amazing upside (low risk, great reward)

  • 5 years ago, Sara chose AirBnB when it had a valuation of ~$20B and it grew to $100B
  • She became a millionaire based on the stock grants

Sara's List are companies that are valued at over $250m with a low-risk profile that could make you a millionaire through growth and stock grants over 5 or so years

"To a listener applying to jobs, this could be one of the most life-changing episodes" - Sam Parr

You don't have to be technical to work at a tech company, there are plenty of opportunities.

Flexport (6:59)

  • Flexport - modern shipping software that takes on the job of 'freight-forwarding’
    • Freight Forwarding: the intermediary responsible for the movement of goods on behalf of the owner
    • $3B current valuation, 2,500 employees
    • Massive industry; global e-commerce is only expanding

Zapier (9:30)

  • Zapier - connects APIs to automate workflows, your information will be simultaneously inputted across multiple applications
    • $5B current valuation, 350 employees, bootstrapped with $60m-$70m worth of recurring revenue
    • Could grow similarly to Atlassian
    • Downside: benchmarks against Chicago area salaries rather than Silicon Valley

Uniswap (13:16)

  • Uniswap - decentralized crypto trading protocol; offers the ability to exchange one token for any other token
    • Bigger than Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, and State Street Bank combined in terms of current market cap
    • Crypto trading volume (10B per week) is equal to Coinbase with 50x fewer employees (35 employees)
    • Uniswap connects buyers and sellers, the users provide the liquidity, resembles a lending club
    • Series-A funding from Andreessen-Horowitz

Anduril (18:07)

  • Anduril - hardware and software products designed for national security, for America and its allies
    • Anduril creates things that they think the government needs and they end up buying it from them
      • Created drones that observe potential illegal immigration at the Mexico-America border
    • Some controversy around the founder, Palmer Luckey, for having strong political opinions
      • Might not be the best environment for those with a liberal mindset (company goals lean moderate-right)
      • The founder created Oculus and sold it to Facebook
    • $4.6B valuation, 510 employees

Replit (21:45)

  • Replit - program that bypasses all the setup/installations necessary for coding; you write, run, test, and deploy all in the same in-browser IDE
    • Currently has 5 million programmers on the network
    • They have married the ideas of open source code and social networking
    • >$1B valuation; growth is outpacing GitHub

Airtable (28:39)

  • Airtable - platform designed for workplace solutions
    • Microsoft excel and google sheets alternative
      • Every SaaS company competes with Excel, not other SaaS companies
    • Founder, Howie Liu, is known as 'prodigy genius' in the media
    • $5.7B valuation; it’s similar to which went public at $18B, 645 employees

Figma (31:00)

  • Figma - cloud-based creative design software for collaborative work
    • Photoshop alternative, multi-player software that can help users contribute simultaneously in live time
    • $10B valuation, looking to take market share from Adobe (30th biggest company in the world)

Rippling (33:38)

  • Rippling - simplified HR software for managing employee payroll, benefits, devices, and more
    • Founder, Parker Conrad, is the former CEO of Zenefits which was one of the fastest-growing companies in history
      • Did get fired from Zenefits for some company culture issues
      • Should have learned from his mistakes. Parker is an expert in the HR tech space
    • $1.3B valuation; every single company needs a human resources solution
      • Could be best potential to 50x on this list

OpenStore (36:35)

  • OpenStore - sell your ecommerce business to OpenStore and they take over the product, buy-out option for even the smallest entrepreneurs
    • Founders: Keith Rabois (former COO of Square, apart of PayPal mafia) & Jack Abraham (Sold an early company to eBay and worked at PayPal)
    • Buying mostly from Shopify businesses, combining the businesses into verticalized product lines

Faire (40:23)

  • Faire - wholesale marketplace for retailers and brands
    • Helps you get a product into more stores without having to call around; the brick and motor stores decide to buy your product from the Faire catalog

NexHealth (41:33)

  • NexHealth - Shopify for doctors; you have one standard medical record that can be applied to the network of available healthcare professionals
    • $500M valuation; founder has very high goals for the growth of this company
    • Great connectivity with 3rd party applications, can scale the network quickly

OneTrust (43:30)

  • OneTrust - specializes in making your company GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
    • Privacy, Security, and Data Governance are incredibly nuanced and varied by location, protects your company from potential fines
    • $5B valuation