July 21, 2021

#202 - A Breakdown of Trendy New Businesses & Boring 9 Figure Businesses

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In this episode Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@theSamParr) discuss upcoming trends they are seeing along with old school businesses making hundreds of millions of dollars. Sam also talks about how he wants to grow the podcast, and Shaan shares a new writing goal he has. They end the episode talking about businesses that set of their spidey sense and may be scams.


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Show notes:

* (:55) Intro

* (1:56) Sam's YouTube push

* (5:11) Shaan's 30 day writing challenge

* (15:33) Trendspotting - Stretching gyms

* (25:52) Trendspotting - Semi-permanent tattoos

* (32:24) The billion dollar class ring business

* (45:49) The Pantone color book

* (49:43) The trend makers - WGSN.com

* (55:04) Scammy businesses - recovering items from TSA checkpoints