July 16, 2021

#201 - Why You Should Spend 5x Your Budget on an Engagement Ring

#201 - Why You Should Spend 5x Your Budget on an Engagement Ring
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In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) break down different Micro-SaaS and P2P marketplace companies. They also talk about changes we'll see in advertising, a non-profit that is an alternative to Substack/Wordpress, and IKEA Hacking. They end the episode talking about when it makes sense to have an unlimited budget for something.


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Show notes:

* (:49) Intro

* (2:00) What's going on with iOS privacy settings

* (8:59) The future of advertising

* (12:32) Ghost.org - Wordpress meets Substack

* (17:10) IKEA Hacking

* (28:39) The $400 million fitness influencer app

* (32:01) Micro-SaaS tools that help you win

* (37:25) BabyQuip.com - a P2P rental marketplace for parents on vacation

* (41:37) Teachers paying teachers

* (48:06) What regrets will you have at 90?

* (57:58) The unlimited travel budget