July 12, 2021

#199 - The Secret to Being Great

#199 - The Secret to Being Great
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In this special episode Sam (@TheSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) talk about recent content they've consumed. They break down Naval's tweetstorm on How to Get Rich Without Getting Lucky and discuss their appreciation for greatness. There is a unique example at the end of the episode.


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Show notes:

* (1:07) 1. How to Take Over the World (Podcast)

* (9:17) 2. The Almanac of Naval Ravikant (book)

* (17:59) Sam's friend and their big bet on Bitcoin

* (20:32) On greatness

* (27:19) 3. Nonviolent Communication (book)

* (29:26) 4. The Courage to be Disliked (book)

* (30:05) 5. Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny (article)

* (34:23) An example of greatness (NSFW)