July 9, 2021

#198 - How to Build a Unicorn around the NCAA Reg Changes

#198 - How to Build a Unicorn around the NCAA Reg Changes
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Sam (@TheSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) break down opportunities created by the NCAA regulation changes. One of those ideas Sam said was the best he's heard in months. They also talk about Sam's road trip adventure to New York. The guys finish the episode brainstorming ideas ranging from an internal search engine for company documents to Zapier for sounds to referral programs.


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Show notes:

* (:54) Intro

* (1:47) Sam's Nightmare Trip to NYC

* (7:19) Opportunities for healthy eating on the go

* (11:17) The Roaring 2020's

* (13:04) NCAA Athlete Opportunities

* (20:29) Inflections

* (25:27) Stanwith.me

* (32:59) A company document search engine

* (39:41) Zapier for sounds

* (53:58) Loyalty and referral programs

* (1:01:37) The benefits of not using custom software