April 19, 2021

#172 - Indie Businesses Making Millions, Advice to Young Entreprenuers & How to Grow a Podcast

#172 - Indie Businesses Making Millions, Advice to Young Entreprenuers & How to Grow a Podcast
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We start this one off with a little "Inside MFM" from Shaan (@ShaanVP) and Sam (@TheSamParr) as they discuss growing the pod and how they are going to do it. Then they break down the big news of the week: the Coinbase IPO. They talk about Coinbase's humble origins on HackerNews and how most big businesses have these same origins. It's often hard to see the big picture in the early days. They also talk about their own early days and give advice to young entrepreneurs. The second half of the pod turns into a brainstorm. They brainstorm around indie businesses like Microacquire and Photopea and how to build similar businesses. Finally, we end it by discussing the opportunities around "Affirm for X".


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Show notes:

* (0:24) Growing the podcast: how we're going to do it

* (9:02) The guys break down the Coinbase IPO

* (20:25) Big businesses are often not apparent at the beginning

* (25:26) Advice for young entrepreneurs

* (33:55) Microacquire dissected

* (40:55) An indie project making million

* (52:17) Brainstorm "Affirm for X"