The 2021 Milly Awards

Sam Parr (@theSamParr) and Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) are joined by Andrew Wilkinson (@awilkinson) to go through their 2021 Milly Awards. They hand out awards like "billionaire of the year," "best investment of the year," "best podcast guest," and more.
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Show Notes:
(00:00) - Billionaire of the year
(15:00) - Company of the year
(23:00) - Unsexy simple business of the year
(29:40) - Best investment
(41:30) - Worst investment
(51:15) - Favorite digital tool, favorite physical tool, under $100 and over $1,000
(1:02:25) - Best thing you learned about yourself and best relationship hack
(1:17:00) - Book of the year and best new follow or subscription
(1:21:00) - Shaan's story of meeting Rupert Murdoch
(1:28:00) - Best podcast guest and best hang
(1:39:15) - Favorite company, industry, and predictions