Duke vs. UNC | MFM Pitch Competition - $3.5k Pitch Competition

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This is a Shark Tank-style event where three companies from Duke + three companies from UNC will be pitted against each other in a winner-take-all pitch competition.

The Prize:
$3,500 to invest in your startup or idea.

What's My First Million?
A top 10 business podcast with 2M+ monthly downloads. 

Each week, Sam Parr & Shaan Puri brainstorm business ideas you can start tomorrow.

Sometimes they bring on guests like Mr. Beast, Ryan Holiday, Rob Dyrdek & Sophia Amoruso to brainstorm with them.

The Sharks:
• Sam Parr - Founder of The Hustle + Trends.co — a newsletter & community of 2M+ young entrepreneurs and business leaders. (acq. by HubSpot)

• Shaan Puri - Founder of The Milk Road, investor, building an 8-figure kids brand & former CEO of Bebo. (acq. by Twitch) 

How It Works:

• Each contestant has 2 min. to pitch.
• Sam & Shaan have 5 min. to ask follow-up questions.
• Once all contestants have pitched, Sam & Shaan will pick the winner.

⬇ Watch a few min. of the video below to get a feel for the style of our last pitch competition:


If you have any questions, email Jonathan Barshop: jbarshop@hubspot.com